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Bloodhound Claws is an Elden Ring Claw that scales largely with Str and Dex and is a useful Weapon for providing an extra blood loss effect on top of the initial Physical Damage.

Large curved claws used by Bloodhound Knights.
The curve allows the weapon to slip through an enemy’s guard. – in-game description


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Bloodhound Claws are nearly identical to Hookclaws but they have the immensely potent Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War, giving them the upper hand. These Claws should be used with a vampire setup.

These claws are a lightweight armament that successfully deals both physical and bleeding damage, as well as various infused status effects if used. The Bloodhound Claws are infused with Bloodhound’s Step and another Ash of War, such as Royal Knight’s Resolve, can be used in its place. Because Claws count as a single weapon, this talent procs twice when the Bloodhound Claws in Elden Ring are dual-wielded.


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Bloodhound’s Step – The ability to make you temporarily invisible while evading at great speeds. It travels further and faster than a typical quickstep. This ability allows you to circle lock-on targets.


You must battle the Bloodhound Knight of Volcano Manor in Elden Ring to obtain the Bloodhound Claws. This elite is found in Liurnia’s Lakeside Crystal Cave or the Forlon Hound Evergaol’s called Bloodhound Knight Darriwil.

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To approach the Bloodhound Knight in Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor, you must first obtain entrance to the scorching summit palace of Mt. Gelmir. The Volcano Manor sits on top of a mountain in West Altus Plateau. You can progress with Rya’s questline until Rya transfers you to the residence once you collect her jewelry at the Lux Ruins or the Grand Lift of Dectus.

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Speak with Tanith at the Volcano Manor Site of Grace to obtain the Drawing-Room Key. In the western corridor, unlock and enter the first door on the right.

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A concealed passageway in the right corner of the chamber is hidden behind an Illusory Wall.

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To get around the wall, use the point of a torch or dodge-roll.

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Make your way to the manor’s basement through the tunnels. Continue down the southern stairs to the cellar below.

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The Bloodhound Knight will be waiting in the dark room’s left corner, ready to attack if it detects you. You can sneak attack for a critical hit. After defeating the knight, Elden Ring will receive the Bloodhound Claws.


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