Elden Ring: Brass Shield, All Details

The Brass Shield is a Medium Shield that scales based on Strength. Medium Shields have a good defense-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for most hostile environments. Despite the fact that it is not as light as a Small Shield, this Shield is best in reducing damage and blocking.

On the larger side for medium-sized shield, the face has been covered in brass.
Commonly employed in the Shattering.

Players who rely on strong guarding to make up for their slow hands JK, you’ll want to get your hands on a good shield like the Brass Shield as soon as possible. You’ll already have a decent shield if you began out as a Vagabond or Confessor though. Even these strong classes, can benefit from looking for this specific shield as well if they wanted to.

Brass Shield

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This is your best option if you want a shield that is both good for blocking and parrying. It possesses 100% Phys block and guard boost, which is comparable to the lower great shields. Grab one of the advanced parry Ashes of War and pair it with the shield.

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You can grab the Brass Shield early on in the Limgrave region. This is the initial region where you will start your trip to Stormveil Castle. A large number of troops wearing green and crimson insignias and wielding a shield will be encountered along the way. The Godrick Soldiers are the ones who can drop these bad boys.


Screengrab Courtesy of Hungry Coyote via YouTube

There’s almost no reason not to use this Shield after boosting every other Shield in the game. It’s a fantastic 16-strength shield.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: After eliminating the shield-bearing guards in the ruins, use the Site of Lost Grace to reset the zone and make opponents respawn. According to other players, doing it at night increases the possibility of getting a drop. You can boost your chances of getting this shield by consuming silver pickled fowl foot while farming at the Gatefront Ruins.

  • Godrick Soldiers were spotted carrying it when it was dropped. Less than 1% drop rate according to some players or just bad RNG lol!
Screengrab Courtesy of Akachi Jones via YouTube
  • The Gatefront Site of Grace on the western side of main Limgrave, just north of the forest and before Stormgate, is an incredibly easy farming spot. Turn around to face southeast once you’ve arrived. In the Gatefront Ruins zone, there will be four Brass Shield wielding Godrick Soldiers who should be fairly easy to kill.
Screengrab Courtesy of Akachi Jones via YouTube

Two of them is in a small fence area to the right of the road. One is walking along the road with a horn. The last one is sitting near a fire.

  • Raya Lucaria soldiers were reported to drop this shield as well.
Screengrab Courtesy of Abyx Gaming via YouTube
    • Enter the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
Screengrab Courtesy of Abyx Gaming via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of Abyx Gaming via YouTube
  • East of Agheel Lake South
Screengrab Courtesy of Hungry Coyote via YouTube
    • Go east of Agheel Lake South and follow this path shown below.
Screengrab Courtesy of Hungry Coyote via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of Hungry Coyote via YouTube
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