Elden Ring: Claw Talisman, How To Get

Talismans are artifacts in Elden Ring that can be equipped to strengthen your attributes and skills. Their advantages range from better combat to resource increases such as HP and FP, as well as some that prevent you from losing anything if you die. The Claw Talisman is a combat talisman that increases the potency of jumping blows.

A talisman depicting a claw and an assassin.
Enhances jump attacks.
The assassins of Ravenmount are killers by trade. They assail their victims while dressed as birds of prey.

Elden Ring’s Claw Talisman is a powerful piece of Elden Ring equipment that increases Jump Attack and posture-breaking strength.

Claw Talisman

Because there was no specific Jump button in prior FromSoftware games, jump attacks were rarely employed except as the first strike in combat. The Claw Talisman in Elden Ring improves this move and is beneficial for almost any build that includes melee weapons.

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The Claw Talisman increases the damage done by leap attacks, which generally deal a lot of Posture damage and a lot of standard HP damage. With this Talisman equipped, breaking an enemy’s posture and landing a critical strike takes fewer Jump Attacks. Both Light and Heavy jumping attacks are affected, although Heavy jumping attacks are the most affected.


Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube

The Claw Talisman may be located in a place only accessible by jumping around halfway into Stormveil Castle. Head uphill from the Lost Grace until you reach the upper balcony in Stormveil Castle’s Rampart Tower.

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Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube

On your left, there should be a short ledge; hop on top of it and walk until you see wooden platforms to jump to. Look for a little ledge in the wall from the bottom platform.

Carefully land on the rooftop below after jumping onto this. Another tiny ledge along the side of the building, reachable by jumping off a broken pillar, should be visible.

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Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube

Walk around the cliff until you reach a tiny courtyard with a ladder to the top of a tower guarded by a few Stormveil Castle troops and archers.

Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube

Dispatch the guards or run past them to the ladder and look for the Claw Talisman on a body.

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