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Crucible Knight is an optional Field Boss but rewards you with a useful Incantation item. This article will provide Elden Ring Crucible Knight’s Weaknesses + How to Defeat it.

Boss Location

Crucible Knight can be found in four (4) locations. These are in Limgrave: Stormhill Evergaol and Stormveil Castle (normal mob), Caelid: Redmane Castle, and in Leyndell, Royal Capital: Auriza Hero’s Grave. This article will focus on the solo fights in Limgrave and will not go deep into the duo fights with Misbegotten Warrior in Caelid and Crucible Knight Ordovis in Leyndell.

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  • Stormhill Evergaol – Crucible Knight location is in between Gatefront Ruins, Stormfoot Catacombs, and Groveside Cave Site of Grace. You will have to interact with the Platform which will transport you to the boss arena / Stormhill Evergaol. The map will be the same but with barriers
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  • Stormveil Castle – The Crucible Knight in Stormveil Castle is a normal mob and the place is quite a secret space. You have to carefully jump off a few ledges to arrive at the location.
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Boss Reward

The reward for the Crucible Knight Bosses in Stormhill Evergaol are Aspect of Crucible: Tail + 2,100 Runes while the reward for the Crucible Knight Mob in Stormveil Castle are Aspects of the Crucible: Horns + 1,500 Runes.

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Boss Attack Sets

The boss has two phases. In phase 1, the Crucible Knight performs his normal sword, shield, and stomp attacks. For Phase 2, the boss will cast its wing and tail incantations in combination with its normal attacks. Be ready since the boss uses its different attack sets in combination with each other.

Phase 1 Attack Sets

  • Sword Stab – The boss leans its right shoulder and limb and steps forward for a straightforward stab. The range is longer than expected due to the front step from the initial lean back.
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  • Shield Charge – The boss will crouch and gather for a bit, then charges forward with its shield in an upward motion from the crouch position. The boss normally executes this move when you strike its shield.
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  • Horizontal Slash – The boss will bring its sword to the outside of its shield parallel to the ground and slashes from left to right.
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  • Forward Slash – The boss quickly slashes from right to left normally followed by a Horizontal Slash.
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  • Sword Slash from Left Shoulder  – The boss brings its sword over its shoulder and creates a wide sword swing.
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  • Seismic Stomp – The boss will hold his sword with 2 hands to the right and stomp the ground for an AOE attack. Afterward, his sword is slammed to the ground with a frontal sword swipe using 2 hands.
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Phase 2 Additional Attack Sets

  • Tail Sweep – The Crucible Knight will cast its incantation and generates a tail. He will then spin a full 360-degrees, and do a sweeping motion with its tail.
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  • Flying Sword Spear – The Crucible Knight cast its incantation and glide through the air with its sword in front used as a spear.
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Strengths and Weakness

The Crucible Knight shield blocks all magic and physical attacks. However, it is weaker or vulnerable to Physical-type damage and lightning. It is stronger against all elemental damages and has immunity to Hemorrhage (Bleeding).

If you familiarize yourself with its attacks, you will realize that it has relatively slow attacks and can easily be countered in between its attacks. You can also parry if you are pretty good with your timing.

Tips to Defeat Crucible Knight

  • Dodge Roll or Parry – You will need to dodge roll all of its attacks, especially in close combat. Equip yourself with a shield if you want to include parry in your choices.
    • Sword Stab – Rollback if enough distance or side roll if not, or Front roll then counterattack
    • Shield Charge – Rollback/safe distance then counterattack
    • Horizontal Slash – Rollback or side roll do not counter
    • Forward Slash – Rollback or  side roll do not counter
    • Sword Slash from Left Shoulder – Rollback and do not counter
    • Seismic Stomp – side roll or front roll, after double-handed front sword slash counterattack as he plants his sword on the ground
    • Tail Sweep – front roll or side roll do not counter
    • Flying Sword Spear – Back-up, upon charging perform a front roll, wait for the next move
  • Shield Charge Bait – The boss mostly uses its shield charge when it blocks an attack, especially for melee. Once baited, wait for the timing and counterattack to chip away its health.
  • Recommended Level – It is Recommended to fight the Crucible Knight at around Level 40
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That’s it on How to Defeat the Crucible Knight!

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