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In Elden Ring, players can get to a location called Cuckoo’s Evergaol. If you want to explore this location and obtain rewards like the Greatblade Phalanx Spell, here’s where to find Cuckoo’s Evergaol in Elden Ring.

Where to find Cuckoo’s Evergaol

To find Cuckoo’s Evergaol on your map, look in the region of Liurnia of the Lakes. It is located in the western part of the region, north of the West Minor Erdtree.

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After you get to this location, just look for the large circular disc on the ground. There, you will find a portal in the middle of the disc. Another thing to note about this location is even though Cuckoo’s Evergaol is an Evergaol, it does not require a Stonesword Key to access.

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To enter the area, step into the portal and you’ll find yourself at Cuckoo’s Evergaol. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that once you’re at Cuckoo’s Evergaol, you will fight against Bols, Carian Knight.

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How to defeat Bols, Carian Knight in Elden Ring

The main objective players can do once they’re at Cuckoo’s Evergaol is to challenge Bols, Carian Knight. If you successfully defeat him, you will be rewarded with the Greatblade Phalanx Spell as well as 4,600 Runes.

Elden Ring - Bols, Carian Knight
Screengrab Courtesy of Marz via YouTube

Before fighting him, keep in mind that Spirits cannot be summoned during the battle. And you have to make sure that the level of your weapon is +5 to +8 (standard), +1 to +3 (somber).

Recommended weapons

To inflict as much damage as possible on this boss, we recommend using ranged attacks on him. This is because he does not dodge attacks, so you’ll be sure to land your hits on him.

But if you prefer to use melee weapons, be sure to have your weapon at +5 or more since it’s tricky attacking Bols, Carian Knight up close.

Bols, Carian Knight attacks

This world boss in Elden Ring has four attacks you should watch out for.

  • Phalanx – a Greatblade Phalanx will summon three magical blades which surround Bols, Carian Knight. Watch out because Bols, Carian Knight will launch these blades at you all at once.
  • Sword Smash – Bols, Carian Knight will rush towards you and smash his sword on the ground.
  • Stab – Watch out for this attack because it can instantly kill you. In this attack, Bols, Carian Knight will stab the ground with his sword.
  • Stomp – If you’re underneath Bols, Carian Knight, he will stomp a few times.
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Tips to defeat Bols, Carian Knight

When you first see Bols, Carian Knight, you’ll immediately observe his size. This is one of his weaknesses as you can launch attacks underneath him. Because of his size, he is unable to deflect your attacks.

Another way you can easily defeat this boss in Elden Ring is by making use of your environment. If you lead Bols, Carian Knight to the edges of the combat zone, he bumps into the arena walls. And when he bumps into the walls, the impact makes him wobble for a short while. Use the environment to your advantage.

Additionally, it is not recommended that you hold a shield for this battle. Bols, Carian Knight’s attacks hack through your shield. So you’re better off wielding a two-handed weapon or an extra weapon in your other hand for this boss battle.

We hope this guide helped you in finding Cuckoo’s Evergaol and defeating the world boss at this location.

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