Elden Ring: Curved Sword Talisman, Where to Find

The Curved Sword Talisman is an item that increases your Guard Counter damage. It’s a handy one to have if you love timing enemies attacks as a melee weapon user. Elden Ring provides players a lot more flexibility with their playstyles, with this being a welcome addition. Here’s what you need to do to get this item:

Go to Stormveil Castle and take the path suggested by the gatekeeper during your first visit here.

Continue on that route until you get to a building where you’ll see a lot of explosives and bomb-throwers. Head up the ladders and begin defeating the enemies until you see a dark room.

  • Enter the room, and the door will suddenly shut behind you. The lights will also go out, and in a few seconds, a Banished Knight is going to appear to attack you.
  • It will be a challenge since it uses a shield and has strong attacks. After defeating it, go to the back of the room, and you’ll see a chest. Inside it will be the Curved Sword Talisman.
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Screencap from guide by YouTube User ZaFrostPet

What It Does

When you have the talisman, it will increase your Guard Counter damage by 20%. It’s pretty handy if you use that ability in most fights. Since the counter affects both HP and Posture, you’ll stagger enemies much faster with this item in tow. It’s an efficient way to execute heavy attacks since it has a much faster animation. It’s a great item to have as a melee user so try to get it early.

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