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Aside from the terrain, the second region of Elden Ring is a formidable obstacle. The Raya Lucaria Academy requires a unique key to access, and the elevator to the next section requires a precise set of requirements to function. The lack of an activation lever, button, or other mechanism is obviously needed. This is where the Dectus Medallion is needed. There are 2 halves that you must locate and we’ll walk you through them in this article. Let’s go! 🧐

To activate the elevator, you must first have both pieces of the Dectus medallion, which isn’t a simple task, especially if you’re wandering around aimlessly. However, if you know just where to search, it isn’t that difficult.

Fort Haight (1/2 Medallion)

On East Limgrave’s southern end, you’ll find Fort Haight with a chest containing half of the medallion. Climb the highest tower to find this chest.

Fort Faroth (2/2 Medallion)

Since it’s found at the very top of the tower surrounded by angry dragons, it’s likely that many people will overlook it. Once again, this fort is filled with bats and harpies, and then ghostly knights. It is especially dangerous if you currently have a low level, so be extra careful or come back later.

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Activating Altus Plateau

The Dectus Medallions may now be used to activate the lift, which will lead you to the Altus plateau. This is a late-game zone, which means there are a lot of incredibly difficult monsters here.

You’ll also have to deal with the barriers surrounding the lift, but you can get through them easier by using Torrent to jump over.

Alternative but with Limitations

However, there is an alternative route that takes you right to the heart of the city, which may have some drawbacks. Despite this, it has the advantage of being really easy.

Go southwest of the Weeping Peninsula in Necrolimbo, climb the Tower of Return and open the trapped chest. You’ll be transported to the capital. But it is possible that closed doors will prevent you from leaving the area.

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