Elden Ring: Dragon Heart + Dragon Communion Altar Location

Dragon Heart is a non-consumable item that may be in exchange for Dragon-based Incantations at the Church of Dragon Communion.

Elden Ring hides many secrets, some of which can only be discovered by venturing off the usual path. The Guidance of Grace directs you to Stormveil Keep, but if you turn around, you’ll find a massive island.

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There’s a different method to get to this island, which has more to offer than Elden Ring’s breathtaking views and animals. The Church of Dragon Communion and a place of offering is located at the top of a hill. Dragon Hearts can be exchanged for unique incantations, but you must first complete a dungeon and defeat a boss.

Dragon Hearts

Defeating a number of bosses throughout Elden Ring will reward you with Dragon Hearts. Players in Limgrave receive one Dragon Heart after killing Flying Dragon Agheel, who can be located close to the right of Varre’s first Site of Lost Grace. You can choose one of three Incantations to add to your battle repertoire by bringing a Dragon Heart to the Church of Dragon Communion.

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Dragonfire is an Incantation that allows you to channel Flame Breath over a large area, breaking through most obstacles. To swipe at foes, Dragonclaw drags massive dragon claws across the ground. Last but not least, Dragonmaw is a powerful bite attack. Each Incantation costs a variable amount of FP and needs a high level of Faith and Arcane attributes.

Church Location

Look for a dark cave in the rock wall on the beach right below the First Steps Site of Lost Grace. It is discovered a short distance from a partly damaged ruin and a merchant.

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Demi-Human Chief

This is the Coastal Cave, and it’s so dark inside that carrying a torch in your off-hand is highly suggested. To find the dungeon bosses, two Demi-Human Chiefs, proceed to the end of this zone.

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After you’ve defeated these bosses and obtained the Tailoring Tools, a light will arise, allowing you to return to the surface. Ignore this and enter the little cavern at the back. You’ll face more demi-human foes before seeing the light of day ahead after only a few more steps. Exit the cave and gaze across the sea at the Limgrave cliffs. The Church of Dragon Communion is located on top of a big hill behind this cave.

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