There are two main flasks that you will begin within Elden Ring. To regenerate HP and FP, use the Crimson Tears or Cerulean Tears, respectively. The Flask of Wondrous Physick, on the other hand, is a different kind found in Elden Ring.

Go to the Church of Third Marika

You don’t need to leave Limgrave to acquire the flask, fortunately. You must, nevertheless, depart West Limgrave and go farther east after leaving the starting area.

The “Church of Third Marika” is located in East Limgrave. This can be located on the main route east of West Limgrave. There is a split in the main road just before you arrive. Instead of heading southeast, take the northeast path to find the church.

The Sacred Tear may be found at the base of the Marika sculpture. Meanwhile, the Flask of Wondrous Physick can be found in a chest at the Site of Grace.

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How to Use the Flask of Wondrous Physick

Finding tears from all around the Elden Ring’s world is necessary for this flask to function.  Tears that have been mixed together can create a potion that has a variety of effects.

For instance, if you combine the Crimson Crystal Tear with another type of tear, you can make a potion that can restore a little amount of HP, but also improve strength for a brief period of time. Creating new effects is much easier when you have a larger collection of tears.

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