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Elden Ring’s Flying Dragon Agheel is an optional boss which you may encounter. Many players on the lookout for Twinblade also accidentally find themselves coming across this boss. Anyway, let’s go over how we can beat this beast! 🐉

Take Torrent and Bring Summons

If you want to win this battle, you’ll almost certainly need Torrent. Go to the dragon’s lair once you’ve mounted your horse. Take a summons with you if you would like to ensure the combat goes more smoothly.

Confront the Flying Dragon Agheel and assault him with Torrent and your summons in hand. You’ll deal a lot of damage with this method.  When attacking the dragon, you must remain directly beneath it in order to bash its legs or wings. While you may still be struck beneath here, it’s far less risky.

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Screengrab Courtesy of Tyrannicon

Your summons will be targeted by the dragon and not you below if you bring them in ahead of time. Magic users should adjust their approach accordingly. If you are, then attempt to keep as near as you can to perform magic but not close enough to where the dragon may rush at you with a melee assault.

With enough damage to its HP, Agheel will fly away.

When he does this, get ready to hop on Torrent quickly. When the dragon begins to blast a fireball, it will have a far greater range than you may expect.

When the dragon begins to breathe fire, run in the opposite direction it is moving, but also toward the dragon itself. When it stopped blowing flames, you may utilize this time to go beneath or near it again and get in some blows, just like the first part.

Screengrab Courtesy of Tyrannicon

Flying Dragon Agheel has a few close-ranged strikes you need to look out for, so be careful. Afterward, move away and let the dragon glide to a new area. If you stay near to it for too long, it will either flail its tail/head around and cause severe damage or it will seek to crush you.

To avoid a blazing demise, avoid getting too near before it bursts in flames. Keep in mind that you should only attempt to land a few blows before running away and trying to restart the cycle.

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