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The Golden Scarab is a valuable asset for your Elden Ring quest, primarily if you plan to take down creatures in a group. So let’s go over where to find this very useful talisman!

Elden Ring’s runes are extremely valuable, and we can’t stress this enough. If you’re looking for the thorough Elden Ring guide, here’s how to get your hands on a useful talisman! So this will help you get even more runes… and will be your greatest ally if you want to gather 10,000 runes per minute in this blissful world.

Abandoned Cave

You will need to explore Caelid and, preferably, open the Site of Grace in the Caelem Ruins in order to get the Golden Scarab talisman.

From this bonfire, travel southeast. The aim is to go to the location depicted in the screenshot. The opening to a cave may be found by looking down once you’ve arrived. You’ll need to use your mount’s jump to get there. ūüźī

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Don’t forget to unlock the “campfire” once you’ve entered.

After that, you’ll have to confront a boss. Scarlet Rot is a major problem in this lair since you’ll have to deal with it as you go around. So, either meticulous planning or rapid thinking is required.

  • Go left from the Site of Grace and jump down into the bloody river. Go directly to the Iron Maiden. Then, take the left route and you’ll eventually reach a dark place where you’ll want to use a lantern.
  • Just keep following the path onto another ledge. Keep watch of the Serpent Bow in between the Geysers! Keep hugging the right wall down a tunnel. You’ll then reach an area with rats and another fungus mage.
  • Again, just keep following the cave route and keep hugging the right side of the cave. To quickly get to the boss area, take the Northern tunnel. You’ll see a golden fog that tells you where the boss is found.

Enemy Fight and the Golden Scarab

The battle will begin with a Spear Knight, but a Sickle Knight will eventually join him, sending holy spells his way. Utilize one of your preferred summons and concentrate on something with melee abilities. Fortunately, the enemy takes heavy strikes severely and should be defeated fairly easily.

In terms of chain farming, the Golden Scarab is an excellent companion. With a net benefit of 20%, it’s a valuable choice¬†for racking up as many runes as possible! So keep it equipped¬†as much as you can!

Screengrab Courtesy of Wet Wasabi
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