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Elden Ring’s Green Turtle Talisman boosts stamina recovery. In Elden Ring, talismans can be used to boost a wide range of stats.

A talisman in the shape of a green turtle.
Raises stamina recovery speed.
Turtles are known as a nutritious ingredient, symbolic of inexhaustible power.
However, those who hold turtles to be wise creatures consider the practice of eating their meat to be barbarous.

Elden Ring adds a lot of new ideas and systems to FromSoftware’s standard RPG structure, but it’s not all unique. The Green Turtle Talisman is among things in Elden Ring that serves the same purpose as artifacts from previous games.

Green Turtle Talisman

The Green Turtle Talisman is Elden Ring’s counterpart of the Dark Souls series’ Chloranthy Ring, they have the same effect as this talisman aids stamina recovery as well.

This talisman boosts a player’s ability to replenish Stamina by a tiny amount. This is a great Talisman to have as it can be used in a variety of situations by a variety of builds.

Stamina Recovery

The Green Turtle Talisman has the effect of speeding up the recovery of Stamina. You may assume that Stamina regenerates quickly in Elden Ring, but even this small boost can mean the difference between avoiding a surprise follow-up strike and facing it head-on.

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Screengrab Courtesy of 04AM via YouTube

This effect compounds with others like it, such as the Turtle Shield found throughout Limgrave, giving you a large boost in Stamina regen. It’s not just good for evading but also for blocking. You can counterbalance holding blocks that slow down Stamina regeneration by wearing this Talisman.


The Green Turtle Talisman is on the Summonwater Village Outskirts in northeast Limgrave.

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To find this village, go to the Saintsbridge Site of Lost Grace and head east, or go to the Third Church of Marika Grace and head north. This is also where you can battle the Tibia Mariner to advance D’s questline, but for now, walk to the back of the Village.

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A little structure with an Imp Statue is encircled by a small group of Turtles.

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With a Stonesword Key, activate this Imp Statue and travel underground to a large stone room teeming with Turtles. The Talisman is in the back of the room in a chest.

Screengrab Courtesy of 04AM via YouTube
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