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Prattling Pates are items that can be used to say specific sentences that vary depending on whatever Pate is utilized. There are a few of these Pates in Elden Ring, but the first one players encounter is “Hello,” which summons a deep, breathy voice from your hand to greet other players.

Twisted clay sculpts in the shape of a human head.
Emits a voice that says “Hello.”
A wistful fetish that imparts voices and words on an eternal journey.

Elden Ring’s Prattling Pate “Hello” is a Key Item. “Hello” Prattling Pate emits a voice that says “Hello.” Elden Ring’s key items are a range of artifacts found in specified locations or given by relevant NPCs that can be used to open sections, missions, and advance the game’s story.

Hello Prattling Pate

Even though it isn’t strictly the character talking when one is utilized, Prattling Pates is one of the few ways for player characters to communicate. When a player equips and uses one of these things, they bring it up to their mouth, appear to breathe through it, and a voice that says the phrase connected with that Pate rings out to everyone nearby.

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A few Prattling Pates are genuinely useful; for example, the “Please Help” one can be used to inform nearby co-op teammates that you are in danger. To utilize a Prattling Pate, place it in your quick bar or your pouch for convenience.


Limgrave, notably the Stormfoot Catacombs, is where you’ll find Prattling Pate: Hello. Head northwest from the Church of Elleh bonfire at the start of the game to the base of the Stormhills cliffs.

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Look about for the Catacombs’ entrance, which should be at the edge that leads down to the beach.

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Screengrab Courtesy of Viral Gaming via YouTube

There are a few pillars blasting flame inside the Stormfoot Catacombs, which aren’t too difficult to dodge if you duck under the cover in time.

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Avoid burn by heading towards the first flame trap and duck to the right. Wait for the fire to die out before proceeding to the trap and going behind it.

Hello should be on a corpse beyond this pillar, according to Prattling Pate.

Screengrab Courtesy of Viral Gaming via YouTube
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