Elden Ring: How To Upgrade Spirit Ashes

Elden Ring How To Upgrade Spirit Ashes

The latest addition to the Souls formula in Elden Ring is the Spirit Ashes. With their unique attacks, these Spirits Ashes act as an aid in battle. But as the game gets harder, the spirits need to be upgraded.

So, if you are wondering how to upgrade Ashes in Elden Ring then this article brings all the details for you.

How To Upgrade The Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

To upgrade the Ashes, you’ll need to bring Roderika some plants known as Glovewort. The standard summons requires Grave Glovewort whereas more unique summons require Ghost Glovewort.

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  • Firstly, you have to reach Stormhill Shack to begin the process of Spirit Tuning.
  • At the Stormhill Shack, you will find Roderika. She will ask you for Chrysalids’ Memento.
  • You can find Chrysalids’ Memento at the Stormveil Castle.
  • Now, head back to her. As you give her Chrysalids Memento, she will shift to Roundtable Hold.
  • At the Roundtable Hold, have a conversation with her and exhaust all her dialogues.
  • After that, you’ll be given Golden Seeds as a reward. Now she would need Blacksmith’s help.
  • Now, at the Roundtable, speak with Smithing Master, Hewg in the other room and exhaust the dialogue about Roderika.
  • Head back to Roderika again and tell her what the blacksmith said.
  • Then again return to Hewg and have a conversation about Roderika for the final time.
  • Finally, both will agree, and the blacksmith will train Roderika.
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After a short span of time, she will have the ability to Spirit Tune. Now you can head back to Roderika to upgrade the Spirit Ashes. you will need the aforementioned plants to upgrade the Ashes.

What are Spirit Ashes?

In Elden Ring, the Spirit Ashes are your trusty sidekicks, taking on the appearance of foes you face in the Lands Between. When you’re in a bind, you can summon them using the Spirit Calling Bell to assist you in battle.

This is how you can upgrade Ashes in Elden Ring. We hope that the article helped you.

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