Elden Ring: Iron Whetblade, Where to Get

The Iron Whetblade is a better early-game option better than the Whetstone Knife. It provides several options to scale your weapon after using an Ash of War. It is a system that allows players to flesh out builds rather than sticking to one like previous Souls games. Here’s how you can get it.


Find a Stonesword Key and head to Stormveil Castle by the Lost Grace at the Rampart tower site. If you haven’t gotten here yet, take the shortcut the gatekeeper recommends. You’ll see a tall building with spiraling stairs. Head up the stairs, and you’ll see the Site of Lost Grace there. There will be lots of enemies guarding the site.

You’ll see an Imp Statue blocking off a room. Unlock the fog gate here using the key, and you’ll see an enemy behind it. After winning the battle, check the bodies in the room, and you should find the Iron Whetblade on one of them.

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Scaling Options

With the Whetblade, head to a Site of Lost Grace and apply an Ash of War. You’ll see three new options available. The options are:

  • Heavy: Improves the strength scaling of the weapon
  • Keen: Improves the dexterity scaling
  • Quality: Improves both strength and dex, but you lose some of the weapon’s base damage.

Of course, the Iron Whetblade is a better option for those that want to focus on a melee build. These options will be available no matter what Ash of War you apply.

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