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Lightning Spear is an Elden Ring Incantation that summons a lightning missile that can be thrown forward.

One of the incantations of the capital’s ancient dragon cult. Summons a lightning spear and hurls it before the caster.
Charging causes a lightning bolt to strike the point of impact.
Long ago, Godwyn the Golden defeated the ancient dragon Fortissax and befriended his fallen foe — an event that gave rise to the ancient dragon cult in the capital.

Lightning Spear Incantation

Elden Ring’s magic, which is split between sorcery and Incantation, is one of the game’s most important features. Lightning Spear, an Incantation in Elden Ring, is one of those spells. The tarnished summons a lightning bolt in their hands, which they then fire at their foes, causing lightning damage. Finding the Lightning Spear might be difficult, especially in Elden Ring’s wide plains.

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The Elden Ring spell Lightning Spear scales with Faith. The Golden Cult Prayerbook is where you’ll find it. Lightning Spear is one of the three Incantations in the Golden Cult Prayerbook. To obtain the Prayerbook, defeat the Gold Dragon Cult Knight, who can be found east of Liurnia. After which, hand the book over to any Incantation dealer. You will buy the spells from the above-said merchants.

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Lightning Spear by Elden Ring is a wonderful spell. It may provide massive damage if used correctly and against the right enemy. You’ll need 17 Faith to cast the spell. It has a good range and you may use while riding on Torrent’s back. You can charge the Lightning Spear to increase the amount of lightning damage it does.

Only Faith scales with Lightning Spear, therefore the more Faith you have, the more damage you’ll get from the spear.


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The Gold Dragon Cult Knight may be found in a grassy location east of Liurnia, between the Carian Study Hall and the Artists Shack, roaming around many packs of wolves.

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Near the Artists Shack lies a Site of Lost Grace, from which you may easily locate the Gold Dragon Cult Knight.

The Gold Dragon Cult Knight can one-shot you with a number of hard-hitting attacks. You should sneak up behind the Knight and backstab him, and try to deliver hits as slowly as possible.

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His strikes are slow and simple to avoid, yet they can be lethal if they hit. You will receive the Golden Cult Prayerbook after defeating the Gold Dragon Cult Knight.

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Golden Cult Prayerbook

You can give the Golden Cult Prayerbook to an Incantation Merchant, such as Miriel Pastor of Vows, who will sell you the newly learned incantations, just like any other Prayerbook.

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Three lightning-damaging Incantations are in the GC Prayerbook. Honed Bolt, Electrify Armament, and Lightning Spear are the three spells that can be cast.

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