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Morgott the Omen King is a super-powered version of Margit in Elden Ring. Morgott and Margit are the same person, or more accurately, monster-creature-thingy. It was one of Elden Ring’s earliest bosses, and it’s gotten a lot stronger since then.

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The boss will use stronger holy magics and strikes, and you will perish in a matter of seconds if you are not prepared.  This fight isn’t nearly as difficult as it appears if you know how to properly prepare for it. Preparation is crucial! Let’s get started!

Morgott the Omen King

The Elden Ring Morgott boss fight is almost certainly the most difficult you’ve faced so far in the main quest, but he shouldn’t be impossible to defeat. Morgott’s powerful blows and aggressive patterns are designed to distract from the fact that he doesn’t have a large health bar, thus even a single hit can take him down quickly.

Morgott will keep you distracted with a combination of wide-reaching sword sweeps and powerful AOE attacks, continuously putting you on the defensive so you don’t get a chance to strike back.

If you solely want to ram through the boss without making any preparations, you can skip this section.


  • Melina, an NPC summon, may be found immediately outside Morgott’s arena. She’s a decent ally in the fight against the Omen King. She’s a good diversion and can even perform heals and buffs to help you out in the fight.
  • Morgott’s most lethal attacks are centered on Holy damage and are difficult to block. Once you’re in the arena, get ready to dodge roll.
  • Equip high holy resist armor sets.
    • Head Gear
      • Silver Tear Mask
      • Envoy Crown
    • Chest Piece
      • Lionel’s Armor
      • Crucible Tree Armor
      • Finger Maiden Robe
    • Arm Guards
      • Godskin Apostle Bracelets
      • Tree Sentinel Gauntlets
      • Godskin Noble Bracelets
    • Leg Guards
      • Tree Sentinel Greaves
      • Godskin Apostle Trousers
  • He is immune to Holy Damage, don’t even try. 🙂
  • Curved Swords, Daggers, and Katanas are highly recommended if you’re a melee fighter, as slash damage offers you a tiny advantage over Morgott.
  • You can use Margit’s Shackle if you want.
  • Summons are also good, but this annoying boss will easily wipe them out.
  • Increasing your level will greatly improve your chances of defeating this boss in a less difficult manner. So, before taking on this boss, it wouldn’t hurt to grind a little more. The sweet spot is somewhere around level 88.


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Check out the Counter-dodges section above and practice the methods in battle. It’s not a big deal if you fall in the first 100 tries. LOL!


  • Grab your focus on the hammer attacks because if you perfectly dodged these assaults, you’ll be able to engage and deal massive damage to Morgott.

    Screengrab Courtesy of Shirrako via YouTube
  • Be wary of the spears and daggers he’ll hurl at you.
    Screengrab Courtesy of Shirrako via YouTube

    Screengrab Courtesy of Shirrako via YouTube
  • Morgott’s ranged attacks can be easily telegraphed, therefore keeping your distance will be beneficial to you.
  • Comet Azur is particularly lethal in this fight, especially when used with a Flask of Wonderous Physick and a Cerulean Hidden Tear to cut casting time.
  • You can use the dragon incantations Rotten Breath and Ekzykes’ Decay on him to cause scarlet rot while dealing massive damage.
  • Any Incantation will work just fine, with the exception of the holy ones, which should be avoided.
  • Morgott collapses and cries before exploding with energy at half health, also known as the second phase.
Screengrab Courtesy of Shirrako via YouTube
    • Back away from the situation as soon as you notice it.
Screengrab Courtesy of Shirrako via YouTube
  • You will defeat Morgott the Omen King if you remain patient during Phase 2.


Screengrab Courtesy of Shirrako via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of Shirrako via YouTube
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