Elden Ring: Please Help Prattling Pate, Where To Get

You can acquire Prattling Pates in Elden Ring and use them to have your character say anything though the Pate is the one who actually speaks it. Prattling Pates’ phrases are usually only have one or two words. One of them is Please Help, which is obtainable early on in Elden Ring.

 Prattling Pates

Prattling Pates are essential in Elden Ring that can be kept in the pouch or the quick slot bar. When you use one, your character raises the twisted piece of clay to their mouth, causing a faint mist to form and an echoing, deep voice to be heard all around them. They’re most commonly utilized in multiplayer circumstances for basic communication because gestures aren’t always enough.

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Prattling Pates function similarly to Carvings from earlier FromSoftware games, with the exception that instead of placing the object on the ground to make noise, characters lift it to their face.

Please Help, Prattling Pate – Location

The Impaler’s Catacombs, a dungeon in the northern half of the Weeping Peninsula, contains Prattling Pate: Please Help.

Screengrab Courtesy of Sipder via YouTube

Scan the cliffs near the trail that leads out of Limgrave for an entry into the rock wall. The Impaler’s Catacombs are easier to find if you walk east from the road exiting Limgrave.

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As you progress through the catacomb, you will finally find yourself in a big, flooded chamber filled with skeletons who never cease to reappear.

Screengrab Courtesy of Sipder via YouTube

Keep an eye out for things on the ground as you run through this section. Prattling Pate: Please Help is one of the products in this flooded area.

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