Elden Ring: Prince Of Death’s Pustule Talisman, All Details

Prince of Death’s Pustule can be used in Elden Ring to boost Vitality, which is your resistance to insta-death effects. In Elden Ring, talismans can be used to boost a wide range of stats.

A fetid pustule taken from facial flesh.
Raises vitality.
(Vitality governs resistance to the effects of Death.)
It is said that this pustule came from the visage of the Prince of Death, he who used to be called Godwyn. As First Dead of the demigods, it’s said he’s buried deep under the capital, at the Erdtree’s roots.

In this article, we will show you where to find and what this Pustule does to your character. Enjoy!

Prince Of Death’s Pustule

Those who require an immediate boost of Vitality in Elden Ring can take the Prince of Death’s Pustule. This handy Talisman raises your Vitality stat, making it easier to endure attacks that might kill you instantly otherwise. It’s behind a fearsome boss. Here’s how to acquire it.


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To find the Prince of Death’s Pustule, you must first gain entry to Stormveil Castle’s Liftside Chamber Site of Grace.

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Screengrab Courtesy of Gamer Guides via YouTube

You can leave the spawn spot by walking outside the closest door and turning right. You’ll be trapped in a corner with a lifeless husk and an item perched over a vast pit.

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You should be able to see a deep cliffside and into the imposing hole by looking over the edge. Some falls look to be extremely dangerous, yet they are harmless if you drop on them.

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You must make your way past some enormous rats and through a tiny maze of walls until you reach a large open area at the bottom of the castle’s tomb.

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The Ulcerated Tree Spirit, a mini-boss, will attack you here. Defeat it if you want the Golden Seed it drops, but someone merely looking for the Pustule can walk straight by it and into the room beyond.

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Next to the gigantic deformed face in the soil, the Pustule is laying on a body.

Pustule Effect and Use

The Pustule of the Prince of Death is a simple Talisman. In exchange for an increase in Vitality, it will take up one Talisman slot. The Vitality stat is in charge of defending you against Instant Death assaults.

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As a result, it can be quite situational. You might wish to keep the Talisman and use it exclusively on bosses or enemies who tend to instantly kill people. Unfortunately, the Prince of Death’s Pustule does not provide you with anything else, but the increased Vitality can be the difference between respawning and surviving difficult bosses and opponents.

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  1. It’s bad. A better reason to do this is that it further Rogier’s quest line. Interact with the pool of blood on the ground in front of Godwyn’s weirdly gigantic melted face, and you will see a vision of Rogier’s death. Proceed to ask him about it on the balcony at Roundtable Hold.

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