Elden Ring: Rune Farming, Best Location

Elden Ring’s primary currency is runes. Runes, like Souls in previous Souls games, serve as XP and currency for purchasing items from vendors in The Lands Between.

When a player dies, their Runes are lost, and a “bloodstain” appears at the location of defeat. You can retrieve your runes by returning to this location and reclaiming them. The Runes will be gone forever if you die a second time before getting there.


Throughout the game, you’ll come across a variety of Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses who will fight with you. Some opponents must be defeated in order to complete the Elden Ring main plot, while others are optional and can simply be avoided. Enemies may drop valuable goods ranging from simple to strong items for your build. Defeating any species will earn you Runes.

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Knowing all these, it is important for players to collect runes as early as possible as this will help you along your journey in the Lands Between. And when it comes to racking up Runes in the early game, there’s one spot that stands out.

Bestial Sanctum

Players can be taken beyond the Lands Between to a location totally filled with high-Rune, low-threat foes by progressing D’s questline in Elden Ring (the golden-masked NPC in Roundtable Hold who seeks people who live in death). Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow can be a good source of Runes from around Level 20 to Level 50.

Image Courtesy of Elden Ring Interactive Map
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The Beast Clergyman resides in the Bestial Sanctum, which is located north of Caelid and east of Limgrave. The Bestial Sanctum is a long way away, but you don’t have to walk the entire map to get there. After finishing D’s dialogue in Roundtable Hold, travel east to Summonwater Village, which is a short distance from the Stormhill bridge.

Image Courtesy of Elden Ring Interactive Map

You should eventually come upon some ruins and undead. Look about until the Tibia Mariner boss appears in one of the neighboring pools. It’s not a difficult fight, but don’t underestimate its summoning power.

Screengrab Courtesy of Boss Fight Database via YouTube
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When this boss is beaten, Deathroot will drop. Return to the Roundtable Hold and hand over the Deathroot to D, who will then invite you to a teleporter to see his master, the Beast Clergyman Gurranq. Step inside this Sending Gate concealed in the bushes near the red marking on your map.

Ignore The Boss!

Once you’ve reached the Bestial Sanctum, speak with Gurranq, proceed outside after. Dodge the highly powerful boss sitting on the steps. The most straightforward way to dodge it is to stealth left or mount Torrent and sprint away as quickly as possible. Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow is a large open area with a variety of scattered but valuable foes. Press the Target Lock button frequently while riding around the area to make it easier to locate them.

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They’re worth up to 1000 Runes each, which is a significant payoff for little effort at low-to-mid levels. Ranged assaults, such as Sorceries and Incantations, or a long-reaching melee weapon are the easiest ways to slay these creatures. This keeps you safe from their rather powerful strikes, and with smart kiting and attack timing, you may rack up Runes without taking much damage. If you come dangerously near to death, the Lost Grace is only a short distance away.

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