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Preceptor Seluvis will eventually hand you Seluvis Potion, a little flask. Elden Ring’s key items are a range of artifacts found in specified locations or given by relevant NPCs that can be used to open zones, missions, and advance the game’s story.

Small flask received from Preceptor Seluvis containing a cloudy tonic of bluish black.
“Find Nepheli, and ensure she drinks it.”
– in-game description

In this situation, this unique potion allows you to choose who you want to give it to, and it will undoubtedly alter the outcome of other questlines. It is critical for all completionists and fans to decide which path to take since all would want a better outcome. Stick around for a discussion of all potential scenarios in this article.

Seluvis Potion

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Seluvis’ quest begins when you encounter a mage’s astral projection in Caria Manor, though it won’t surface until you speak with Ranni in Ranni’s Rise. This involves fighting Loretta, the Manor’s boss, and the timing here is critical so don’t try to do anything just yet or you might miss the questline.

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You won’t be allowed to start the quest or speak with Seluvis until after defeating Radahn if you started the Radahn Festival by clearing Redmane Castle or arriving in the courtyard where Blaidd and Alexander are, or if you arrived at Altus Plateau before speaking to Ranni first.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you talk to Ranni first, Rogier will die before giving you his sword, therefore you’ll lose out on some critical information. Rogier will send you to meet Ranni if you fulfill his quest.

  • Speak with Rogier at Roundtable Hold.
  • Touch the bloodstain in Stormveil’s Crypt.
  • Obtain the Black Knife Glyph from the Black Knife Catacombs in eastern Liurnia.
  • Head downstairs and speak with Seluvis’ apparition once you’ve spoken with Ranni. He instructs you to speak with him in person, so go to Seluvis’ Rise.

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  • Seluvis will ask you to deliver a potion that transforms Nepheli Loux into one of his puppets.

Now is the chance to make a decision. Either do as he asks or you do something different with the potion.


Nepheli Loux will appear shortly before Godrick the Grafted at Stormveil Castle. If you speak with her, she could be summoned for a boss fight. She’ll subsequently return to the Roundtable Hold, where she’ll meet Gideon Ofnir in the corridor before the Twin Maiden Husks.

  • You can offer her Seluvis’ Potion if you chat with her here, but she will refuse it and inform you she has work to attend.
  • She will be sitting under a bridge slightly east of Albinaurics Village shortly after. Finish all of her dialogue and then prepare to battle Omenkiller. Return to the Roundtable Hold after ensuring you’ve killed Omenkiller.



  • Follow Seluvis’ order and hand over the potion to Nepheli.

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  • Giving the potion to Nepheli grants you the Dolores puppet Spirit summon, but it also stops you from completing Nepheli’s quest.

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  • Seluvis’ questline ends at the same time as Pidia, Carian Servant’s. Pidia’s drop will be determined by your early decisions.
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    Screengrab Courtesy of RetroGAMEz via YouTube


  • Speak with Gideon, the man who sits at a desk outside the Table of Grace area.
    • He’ll take care of the potion. You can still visit Seluvis, but he’ll assume the potion didn’t work.


  • See Dung-Eater Questline.
    • If you start his quest you will eventually be offering him a Seedbed Curse. You can feed the Loathsome Dung-Eater Seedbed Curses in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds.

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    • Alternatively, give him the potion, and you can transform him into a puppet summon for Seluvis’ mission later on. This sub-mission takes longer to complete but it is definitely worth it.

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  • After you’ve picked what you’ll do with the potion, return to the courtyard.
  • Report back to Seluvis after entering the secret cellar beneath the illusory floor between the arches, where Sellen holds a spare body.
    • When you inquire about his place, he will give you the option of choosing between the Finger Maiden Therolina puppet and the Jarwight puppet.
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      Screengrab Courtesy of RetroGAMEz via YouTube

      After that, he sells a few sorcery spells, including the Glintstone Icecrag.


  • Once you’ve progressed in Ranni’s quest. Return to Seluvis’ Rise and speak with the wizard after speaking with Blaidd at Siofra River.
  • He’ll point you in the direction of Nokron, the Eternal City. The same information will be received if you start Ranni’s quest after beating Radahn.
    • If you buy a second puppet from him, he’ll send you to collect Amber Starlight, which will be a prerequisite to transforming Ranni into a puppet.
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      The Starlight is in the valley with the octopi, near the Altus Junction Site of Grace.

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  • Return it to Seluvis and you’ll be given the Ranni potion.
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    Seluvis also awards you the Magic Scorpion Charm.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you deliver the potion to Ranni, she will be furious and you will be unable to continue her questline.

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  • DON’T speak to her 3 times in a row after you tried giving her the potion or you’ll regret it!
  • You can use a Celestial Dew and continue Ranni’s questline without penalty if you absolve yourself at the Church of Vows.


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  • Finishing Ranni’s questline will trigger an event involving Seluvis. Once you visit Seluvis in his quarters, you will discover his corpse and you can loot his costume. It is rumored that Blaidd’s the one responsible for his death but it is also possible that Ranni somehow did it.

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  • Giving Ranni the potion and exhausting all her dialogues will trigger an event and you will die in front of her. After this event, once you visit Seluvis, you will see that he is already dead.
  • Seluvis’ Shop is still available for purchase. Simply return to his lifeless body and interact.

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