Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree | All Five Map Fragments Location

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC throws us into a spooky new zone called the Land of Shadow. And guess what? You’re gonna need a map to find your way around this creepy place. Let’s go over how to grab all five map fragments.

Map Fragments Location

Think of the map fragments like missing puzzle pieces. Without them, the Land of Shadow is like a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing. No thanks! The complete map reveals all the good stuff: Sites of Grace, dungeons to plunder, and all sorts of goodies you’ll need on your journey. By completing them, you’ll know where you’ve been and where you still need to explore.

Gravesite Plain:

  • As you enter the DLC, rest at the Site of Grace.
  • Head directly downhill to find the first map fragment.

Scadu Altus: 

  • Option 1: Take the main road northeast from the Highroad Cross Site of Grace. The fragment’s near a stele before a bunch of soldiers are hanging out.
  • Option 2: Find the spiritspring below Fort of Reprimand to bypass Castle Ensis. It’s a shortcut for the sneaky Tarnished.

Rauh Base

  • Start at the Highroad Cross Site of Grace.
  • Ride towards the plateau’s edge, and follow the pinned location indicated below.
  • Find a cave near a small pond with worms. Enter and exit on the other side.
  • Head west, keeping the cliff on your left. You can either fight the two giants there or just run through to reach the map fragment as indicated on the next pinned location.

Shadow of the Erdtree Map Fragment - Rauh Base

Abyssal Woods:

  • Start at the Main Gate Plaza after defeating the Golden Hippopotamus boss.
  • Take the left door, go up the stairs, and sprint through the room with two enemies.
  • Continue east and south along the castle wall.
  • You’ll find a ladder on the left edge near the boats that look like they’re on fire. Go through the waterfall and down another ladder.
  • Slash through a secret wall on the right side of the room and follow the path to a coffin.
  • Interact with the coffin to transport to Scadu Altus.
  • Keep heading south, resting at the Castle Watering Hole, Recluse’s River Upstream, and Recluse’s River Downstream Sites of Grace.
  • At Recluses River Downstream, use tombstones to descend into the river.
  • Follow the water left of the waterfall, then use tombstones again to reach the bottom.
  • A door to the left leads to the Darklight Catacombs.
  • Activate the Site of Grace and navigate the dungeon, pulling levers to open paths. The general idea is to reach the bottom so keep doing what you would usually do when exploring a dungeon.
  • Once you reach that part where a giant pot enemy is spitting out fire, you can defeat it or head to the left room to activate the lever and then go to the right to proceed to the next area.
  • Defeat the boss, and then head south from the Forsaken Graveyard.
  • Continue south until you find an invader. Keep following the path southeast to a church, and find the map fragment at its base.

Southern Shore (Ellac River)

  • Begin at the Castle Front Site of Grace.
  • Head east, following the path and keeping the cliff to your left.
  • Navigate the steep path down to a pit. Alternatively, take a longer but easier route around.
  • Enter a cave in the pit’s western wall (staying on horseback is possible).
  • Find the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace inside.
  • Exit the cave on the west side and follow the river south, using double jumps to traverse obstacles.
  • Reach the Ellac River Downstream Site of Grace and continue south, hugging the cliff on your right.
  • Enter a small path through the rocks to reach the Cerulean Coast Site of Grace.
  • Head south, past the Ghostflame Dragon boss, and find the map fragment on a path.

Shadow of the Erdtree Map Fragment - Southern Shore (Ellac River)

Treasure Hunting Tips:

Take your time and look around. You never know what secrets you might uncover. Map fragments are always hanging out near these special stone steles. The partial map can give you clues about where the fragments might be. Some fragments are also hidden behind tough bosses or tricky areas. Be ready for a fight!

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