Elden Ring: Three Great Wise Beasts, All Locations

Chelona’s Rise is a location in Elden Ring that you can visit after completing Ranni’s questline. The entrance to this tower, like many others in the game, is originally blocked by a seal. You must seek out three great wise beasts to open it.

This guide will show you where those gigantic phantom turtles may be found, as well as how to go to Chelona’s Rise in Elden Ring.

Three Great Wise Beasts

It’s important mentioning that if you’re having trouble seeing some of the game’s great wise beasts, you should:

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  • Go back to the tome next to Chelona’s Rise and interact with it several times, since this will bring up the “seek three great wise beasts” command once more.
  • It’s also a good idea to wait until the tower is unlocked before using fast travel or resting at a Site of Grace in Elden Ring.

Chelona’s Rise

GWB #1 Travel east until you reach the cliff’s edge, where you’ll find the first great wise beast. Look down and to the left. If the turtle isn’t present, return to the Chelona’s Rise tome and interact with it several times before returning to this spot.
Image Courtesy of Elden Ring Wiki Interactive Map
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GWB #2 Summon Torrent, ride northwest toward the Ringleader’s Evergaol, and look for the Spirit Spring to summon the great wise beast.

Players in this position should eventually see the phantom turtle fly overhead and hit it with the spring. You may use a ranged attack to take out the beast.

Image Courtesy of Elden Ring Wiki Interactive Map
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GWB #3 You should go southwest from the tower until you reach the edge of the neighboring cliff. The last great wise beast is clinging to the cliff’s edge, and you should attack it with whichever attack.
Image Courtesy of Elden Ring Wiki Interactive Map

Ranni’s Dark Moon

After locating these three great wise beasts, you should discover that the seal barring entry inside Chelona’s Rise has been broken, allowing them to enter.  Locate Ranni’s Dark Moon in a chest towards the top of the tower. This strong Elden Ring sorcery attacks foes with a “cold, dark moon,” and many players will be delighted to have it in their spell books.

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