Elden Ring: Tibia Mariner, How To Defeat

Elden Ring has a vast world for players to explore. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are literally enemies lurking in every corner wanting to attack you. One of the bosses players can encounter early in the game is the Tibia Mariner. In this guide, we will be teaching you how to defeat the Tibia Mariner.

Where can I find this boss?

The Tibia Mariner is an aquatic enemy who sits in a boat, so players can encounter the boss rowing in any body of water in the game. But the place where you can most likely encounter this boss is in Summonwater Village. This village can be found east of Stormveil Castle so make your way there if you intend on battling the Tibia Mariner.

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How to fight the Tibia Mariner

Unlike other bosses, the Tibia Mariner summons skeletons to do its job in attacking players. Every time you go near it, the boss will summon skeletons that aren’t too hard to defeat.

But a few things you have to remember when battling the Tibia Mariner’s army of skeletons is to destroy their glowing blue bones on the ground. Attacking them one more time will prevent the skeletons from respawning, getting you one step closer to finishing the boss battle.

Regardless if you are a melee or ranged fighter, always remember to deal with the skeletons first before fighting the Tibia Mariner. Although it has a few attacks of its own, all of them can be easily dodged. Familiarize yourself with the Tibia Mariner’s attack patterns so you can time your dodges.

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Chase after the Tibia Mariner if it disappears

Don’t be mistaken that the boss battle is finished if the Tibia Mariner disappears. After you successfully attack it a few times, it will travel to a different part of the river. Look around for the glowing purple light and you’ll discover its new location. It will summon a few more skeletons so deal with them just as you did earlier before fighting the boss.

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Rewards after defeating

If you successfully defeat this boss, you will be rewarded with Runes and Skeletal Bandit Ashes. Although defeating this boss isn’t part of the main storyline, it’s still worth it because of the precious drops you can get from it.

We hope this guide helped you in defeating the Tibia Mariner. If you have any more questions about Elden Ring, feel free to share them in the comments down below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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