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Elden Ring’s basic “twin” blade weapon is the Twinblade. This is a good weapon for melee users who wish to deliver swift slashes that spin in a broader area of effect, as it scales primarily on Strength and Dexterity.

It is unique that it is not long-range, but once you’re within range, you may spam many attacks quickly, giving your enemies little time or opportunity to counterattack in the brief period between Twinblade assaults. As soon as the player has access to their horse, they can look for this awesome weapon.

You Need Torrent!

As soon as you enter the open world of Elden Ring, you’ll find a piercing weapon known as the Twinblade; but, you’ll need the help of Torrent, the horse that players can ride to travel quicker and reach higher ground.

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The Spectral Steed Whistle is required to summon Torrent. Players will meet a character named Melina after completing their third Lost Grace. She’ll pass the whistle to the players so they can call Torrent. Players can now reach the Twinblade’s position by using its double leap ability.

Twinblade Weapon Location

While the Twinblade requires a Dexterity level of 18 to fully utilize its stats, certain classes will have a greater Dex level at the start of the game than others. As a result, if players begin with classes that have higher Dex, they may be able to use the Twinblade more quickly. Once players meet Melina, they will still need to use their Runes at a Site of Grace to improve their stats.

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The “First Step” Site of Grace will be one of the first ones players encounter after entering Elden Ring’s first open “zone.” To get to the Twinblade, proceed east of the Lost Grace to the “Dragon-Burnt Ruins” location.

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There will be an area in the ruins that has a lot of opponents, so stay away from them for the time being. Players should seek out a crumbling structure that can’t be entered by walking or jumping. To cross the bricks, players must summon their horse and make use of its high jump.

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A stairway leading to an enclosed room with a chest is located in the structure’s corner.

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Downstairs, enter the only door to discover the Twinblade weapon within.

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While you can equip the weapon if you desire, if your Dexterity isn’t level 18, the weapon’s stats will be lower.

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