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Elden Ring’s Twinblade Talisman is a Talisman. The Twinblade Talisman improves chain attacks’ final hit. Talismans can be used to increase a variety of stats in Elden Ring.

A talisman depicting a twinblade and a confessor.
Enhances the final hit ending a chain of attacks.

The twinblade technique is a tradition of the confessors, who closely guard the secret of how they preserve the momentum of their attacks. Thus is the final strike of their onslaught all the more deadly.

Talismans are equipped in Elden Ring to provide bonuses, ranging from enhanced resistances to increased damage output and everything in between. The Twinblade Talisman is a melee-oriented Talisman in Elden Ring that is excellent for fast builds but not for sluggish ones.

Twinblade Talisman

Because the Talisman’s impact is dependent on the final strike of a chain of attacks, failing to complete a chain of attacks renders it worthless. Surprisingly, it appears to be most effective when used in conjunction with a Twinblade, while this Talisman will benefit a variety of Elden Ring weapons with a quick Light attack chain.

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Twinblades deliver minor damage as you swing, building up to a far more powerful hit at the end of the chain. As a result, the Twinblade Talisman amplifies the final impact in a series of attacks. Some players have considered this Talisman to be lackluster because it’s simple to be interrupted in the middle of a chain.

The Twinblade Talisman’s impact is seen significantly more often when used alongside a weapon that swings swiftly, such as a Dagger, or one that can’t be parried, such as a Flail. It’s also effective on Claw-type weapons, as Elden Ring’s quick Light attack chain is one of the strongest.


Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube

The Twinblade Talisman may be discovered at Castle Morne, specifically in one of the castle’s towers.

Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube

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Make your way to Castle Morne in south Limgrave and ascend the stairway to the alcove behind the Demi-Human bonfire. Cross the bridge, killing any Demi-Humans in your way, and hunt for a Site of Lost Grace under the stone walls.

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The Site of Grace is located behind the castle.

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Look for a safe way down along the cliffs below.

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There’s a bridge here with a bunch of Demi-Humans groveling. Ignore them and proceed to the tall tower on the opposite side of the bridge.

Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube

After killing the big Demi-Human, search the surrounding tower for another ladder leading up. Ascend this tower and open the treasure at the summit to reveal the Twinblade Talisman.

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