Elden Ring: Visage Shield – Where to Find

Visage Shield is a Greatshield that scales largely with Strength in Elden Ring. Greatshields are fairly heavy and offer better defense in the game. 

Tricksome bronze shield depicting the face of a Fire Giant.
Several tongues leap from its open mouth.
The dreadful visage and burning flames are designed to remind one of the horror of facing a Fire Giant. In other words, this shield has an instructional function. – in-game description

Greatshields are more effective at blocking and defending you from opponent attacks, sacrificing mobility. Instead of parrying, this form of shield is excellent for lowering damage.


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Image Courtesy of eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com
Image Courtesy of eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com


  • Tongues of Fire

    Screengrab Courtesy of SpookyFairy via YouTube
  • Prepare the shield, then spray many fiery streams from the tongues emerging from its jaws. Keep holding to keep the fire going.

    Screengrab Courtesy of SpookyFairy via YouTube


Screengrab Courtesy of SpookyFairy via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of SpookyFairy via YouTube


Screengrab Courtesy of SpookyFairy via YouTube

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