Elden Ring: Weathered Dagger, All Details

One of the most searched key items in Elden Ring is Fia’s weathered dagger. A lot of players are searching for clues and answers as to what this artifact is used for.

Dagger received from Fia, the Deathbed Companion.
She wishes for it to be returned to its rightful owner.
It was once a special weapon of gold and silver intertwined, but it’s now worn down and marred by a black gash.

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Weathered Dagger

To get your hands on the Weathered Dagger, you should return to Roundtable Hold and chat with Fia after traveling through the story and first reaching the Altus Plateau, whether by the ravine side path or the Grand Lift of Dectus.

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Allow her to hold you, and you’ll have the choice to choose a new dialogue option in which she asks for a favor.

Screengrab Courtesy of No-Nonsense Guides via YouTube

She’ll then deliver you the Weathered Dagger and request that you return it to its proper owner.

Screengrab Courtesy of No-Nonsense Guides via YouTube
  • Some players are having a difficult time not getting the dagger from Fia, try doing this first.
    • You must first obtain one deathroot and give it to D, as well as meet his friend, after which you must return to him and make your way to the Dectus Lift.
    • At the very least, you must first kill Godrick. Once on the plateau, locate one sight of grace and return to the roundtable where Fia will now give you the dagger.
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This is the sequence you need to follow if you are intrigued by what this weathered dagger is all about. Enjoy! 😀

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the steps that we didn’t mention in this article are skippable and as much as possible we want to avoid HEAVY SPOILERS. It’s entirely up to you if you want to do any more steps not included in this guide, as this is one of the most straightforward ways to continue with the weathered dagger.<3

  • Speak with D in the Roundtable Hold with the Weathered Dagger in your possession and deliver it to him.
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  • D will tell you that he is not the rightful owner of the item, but that he knows who is and will return it to you on your behalf.
  • Head through the doors right past Hewg and Roderika to reload the Roundtable Hold
Screengrab Courtesy of No-Nonsense Guides via YouTube

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  • After speaking with Fia and obtaining the Twinned armor set, travel to Nokron, the Eternal City.
    • ***There are some steps that we skipped that may trigger a specific ending. We will not focus on that though :p
Screengrab Courtesy of No-Nonsense Guides via YouTube
  • After defeating Radahn, Nokron becomes open, and you can enter the area by dropping through the crater near Fort Haight.
  • Continue through Nokron until you reach the Siofra Aqueduct, where you can defeat the Valiant Gargoyles. If you want to finish D’s questline with his brother, chat with the NPC outside the Valiant Gargoyles arena.
Screengrab Courtesy of LunarGaming via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of LunarGaming via YouTube
  • Go to the Deeprooth Depths and give him the Twinned armor set. You can’t wear any of the armor, and it can’t be changed if you wish to give it to him until later on when you meet him again.
Screengrab Courtesy of LunarGaming via YouTube
  • When you reload the scene, you’ll see D’s brother standing over Fia’s body. Reload the region to reclaim Fia’s attire as well as the Twinned armor.
Screengrab Courtesy of LunarGaming via YouTube

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