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Completing side missions is a crucial component of rising up and improving Jax’s abilities in ELEX 2. Completing as many as possible in the game’s early hours is critical if you wish to survive the dangerous wastelands of ELEX 2.

In this article, we will talk about the decision you must make whether to spare or kill Marwin. The choice is entirely up to you but will your decision make any significant changes in the storyline later on? Let’s find out! 🙂

Kill or Spare Marwin?

As the game’s first featured alchemist, Tilas is an essential character in the early stages of ELEX 2. He, like many other side characters, will present you with a mission that you should consider fulfilling because it is quite simple and experience points are valuable in the early stages of the game.

After speaking with Tilas in the Berserker’s Fort, accept his quest offer when offered. This will begin the quest “Tilas’ Apprentice,” which includes a decision that you should consider carefully before finishing.


The task of assassinating Sid is simple, but you must be prepared to battle a veteran. To persuade Sid, you must have at least 20 Str, as this is what is needed to terrify him into leaving. Allowing Sid to murder Marwin, you will have a few more things to do to continue. Follow the map marker, head towards it, and fend off the two creatures attacking Marwin.

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When you speak with Marwin, he will offer his hand and give you a spot at his camp. You can either kill Marwin, persuade him to leave, or change your mind and return to Sid’s location.


To persuade Marwin to quit, the player must have 30 Intelligence. You can also buy him 300 shards to leave.


Tilas will put a good word in for Jax with Fenris after killing or sparing Marwin, however, after sparing him, Marwin will offer the player a Mage’s Potion, which permanently boosts your Intelligence stat by 1.


Sid will reward you 400 Shards if you kill Marwin, and the Outlaw faction will be more friendly to you later in the game if you kill him.

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