Battlefront: Misty Dungeon is the most recent addition to miHoYo’s adventure RPG. Misty Dungeon allows players to use trial protagonists. You can accomplish missions and earn exciting prizes like Primogems and Mora by forming a squad from these trial characters.

Battlefront: Misty Dungeon

EVENT START: 21st of May
EVENT END: 31st of May
REQUIREMENT: Adventure Rank 20 or higher

The task can then be accessed and started from the event screen. Similarly, you’ll observe a total of 6 trials, but only 2 are accessible right now (Plunging Trial and Healing Trial).

You can try different setups for your squad, but keep in mind that the normal elemental resonances will be disabled in the dungeon. Characters have good weapons and artifacts that have been maxed out.

Keqing Mona Albedo Barbara Diona
Sucrose Noelle Beidou Xinyan Amber

Objective: Activate the Runes

You must activate 3 runes. These have an unusual eye-shaped icon. You’ll have to defeat baddies that appear after activating the 1st one when you spawn. Remember that the varieties of mobs you’ll face will vary depending on which Trial you choose.

When a rune is triggered, you’ll notice a ray of red light in your surrounding area. The next rune can be found there. After you’ve triggered all 3, you will see a panel to activate the trial’s final showdown.


Evey Battlefront: Misty Dungeon run will take 15 mins to execute, however, there are “Benedictions” that can assist you.  You can trigger 4 types of Benedictions for every trial.

Rejuvenation (YELLOW) Revive all party members.
Plunder (RED) Attack Bonus
Godspeed (BLUE) Movement Speed Bonus
Everlasting (GREEN) Additional Trial Time

Triggering a benediction, like runes, summons enemies that must be defeated before you can receive a blessing.


There are traps in some areas and corridors Lasers, mines, and sentries that fire bullets are just a few examples. You must use a response to deactivate the traps. Pyro or Electro, for example, can be used to deactivate a Cryo weapons system.

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