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Fall Guys is the hottest game right now. With over 2 million copies sold on Steam in just a week, the game has become massively popular. Almost every streamer is playing the game. The game is currently available on PC and PS4. But is the game coming to Switch?

Fall Guys Coming To Switch? What’s the Release Date?

Mediatonic, the developers of Fall Guys, never expected their game to become this popular in such a short span of time. They weren’t even ready for the PC and PS4 server load they’re experiencing right now. Although on PS4, the game seems quite playable, PC players are facing a lot of problems every now and then. But, these should get fixed soon.

When I shared an email with Mediatonic representative, they said they’re still working on bug fixes and that’s their main priority right now. But, we can easily say the game will definitely come to Switch once the game’s initial issues are solved.

Currently, there’s no release date for Fall Guys on Switch. But as soon as there’s some information, we’ll let you know.

Fall Guys Switch Size & Price

The size shouldn’t be a lot, since the game is only 1-2GB on PC. So, we can expect the same on Switch. As for the price is concerned, we can easily speculate a $19.99 price tag for the game.

Fall Guys Competitive and Tournaments

I shared an email with Mediatonic rep when they said they’re planning to release custom rooms and more options to create and join tournaments in the future. Currently, there’s no reachable release window, but these should arrive slowly and steadily in the next couple of months.

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