fall guys connection error

Many of you are facing connection issues with Fall Guys. Well, the game has become so popular, the servers are crashing and many players are facing the same issues. Although the developers are working on things to fix these issues, here are some tricks you can try to fix Fall Guys connection error.

Fall Guys Connection Error – Connection to Server Timed Out / FIX

Now, most of the connection issues are occurring because of overcrowded servers. But here’s what you can try –

  • Logout of the game
  • Disconnect your internet connection
  • Restart your system
  • Connect back to the internet
  • Restart the game

If not, you can try uninstalling the game completely and reinstalling it.

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This should fix the issues temporarily. To get rid of connection issues permanently, however, you’ll have to wait for the developers to fix the issues. It will also help you get past the loading screen as many players are stuck there as well.

Fall Guys Connection Error – Connection to Server Timed Out / Permanent FIX or Solution

The permanent solution, for now, is to wait for the developers to fix the server issues. It’s not a problem on your end, but rather on the developers’ end. Keep checking their social media profiles for updates –

Fall Guys Twitter
Mediatonic Twitter
Mediatonic Instagram

Currently, they’re active on Twitter. Check for updates and fixes. They also have a dedicated server team account called Fall Guys Owl, check it out –

Fall Guys Owl Twitter

Fall Guys saw 1.5 million new players in its first 24 hours. So, that’s a huge amount of traffic.

Fall Guys Connection Error – Connection to Server Timed Out / Patch Fix

The first patch is in the works and the developers have said they have listened to ALL of our feedback and ideas. They should fix current issues very soon. As soon as there’s news on the patch, we’ll update this article and let you know.

Fall Guys is an amazingly fun and interesting game. For more updates on the game, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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