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Pipe Dream is an exciting fresh stage to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. So, it’s unsurprising that newbies and seasoned players may find it difficult to master. With so much going on at once, it’s a good idea to have a couple of pointers handy whenever a player starts a game of Pipe Dream. Let’s go!


  • In Pipe Dream, each obstacle moves at a defined interval. To succeed in each step of Pipe Dream, you must first learn the timing of these patterns and then move accordingly.
  • Whether the obstacle is a series of rotating rubber pylons or a series of raised, spinning hammers, precise timing is essential.

Unique Challenges

  • It’s natural to presume that the pathways in Pipe Dream are mirror duplicates of one another, requiring each player to navigate the same obstacles at the same time. Pipe Dream, on the other hand, is a little more complex.
  • Because each platform in the round has a unique challenge, each game of Pipe Dream is likely to be rather different from the last.
  • Players can choose from eleven various platform alternatives; each with its own unique challenges, such as a sequence of growing bumpers that buffet players as they go past or a line of walls with spinning hammers on top that must be bounced over to progress.
Screengrab Courtesy of Fall Guys Skins via YouTube

Random Routes

  • In Pipe Dream, each pipe goes to a new platform with a different challenge. However, it’s not always obvious which pipe leads to which challenge. This is a deliberate design decision on Mediatonic’s part. It results in the distinctive chaos that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is known for.
  • Instead of focusing on which pipe entrance leads to which obstacle, concentrate on studying the subtleties of the obstacles themselves.
  • Each game of Pipe Dream introduces new routes. So, it’s more important to master what’s on the other side of the pipe than it is to master the pipe itself.
Screengrab Courtesy of Fall Guys Skins via YouTube

Weight Doesn’t Affect the Seesaws

  • Old players may be aware of Seesaw, a classic game mode. This is where players must navigate a maze of tilting platforms in order to reach the end. Pipe Dream contains similar-looking obstructions in its path, but these are unaffected by the weight of the players.
  • Instead, they swap positions after a set period of time. It can frustrate players who try to jump to the next platform at the wrong time.
  • Keep an eye out for when they transition, since staying on the lower end of the platform to take advantage of the shift in the high ground may be a preferable option.
Screengrab Courtesy of Fall Guys Skins via YouTube

Stand Your Ground

  • A number of fans that move up and down in a line, as well as a row of springboards that will propel players into the air if walked on, are among the first hurdles players will encounter in Pipe Dream. The key to success in this mode is for players to maintain their feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • Players will slow down if they walk towards the wind of the crowd, but their beans will stay on their feet as long as they don’t leave the ground. Jumping or slamming into the launch pads will very surely send the player back to the beginning of the challenge, if not off the platform entirely.
Screengrab Courtesy of Fall Guys Skins via YouTube

Up, Up, and Away

  • Fall Guys aren’t known for their grace when it comes to falling from high heights, which makes for some of the game’s most amusing situations. Pipe Dream’s first obstacle, on the other hand, can propel players into the air, but they can use this height to their advantage.
  • Diving from that height can be utilized to eliminate obstructions, obtain better field position, and get players back on their feet faster.
  • The fists that fly out of the ground at the start of the round are ideal for this, and diving may be utilized to completely remove the second row of fists with some good aim. Players will have easy access to the first set of pipes and the rest of the course once they’ve recovered.
Screengrab Courtesy of Fall Guys Skins via YouTube

The Final Trapeze

  • Pipe Dream’s final challenge is a trapeze bar that carries players across a gap to the finish line. Even though it isn’t the most difficult assignment, it should be taken seriously. A close race might come down to the wire, and missing the bar or jumping too late can lead to a crushing defeat.

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