Fall Guys Season 2 Knight Fever

Fall Guys Season 2 is upon us and today, we have a sneak peek of a new level called Knight Fever. This will be playable as a Level 1 map, or episode-opening race, which will allow 75% players to qualify.

Knight Fever Obstacles

  • First, we have two uphill sections with swinging blades and holes in the floor
  • Two sets of logs with spikes. Here, the logs won’t spin, but only the spikes
  • A downhill slime area with swinging blades
  • A platform with holes on the floor, huge swinging logs with spikes
  • Three sets of drawbridges that will open and close
  • And finally, the finish line

Here’s the video –

Knight Fever is to test all of us who played the first season of the game. Tomorrow, IGN will be releasing a full “Making of” video, showing us what went behind the scenes and how was this level made.

Fall Guys Season 2 arrives on October 8 for PC and PS4.

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