Fallout 76: Mysterious Cave – All Details

Fallout 76 Mysterious Cave

Need help in Fallout 76 Mysterious Cave? We got you covered! Stick with us to know all details about the cave!

Fallout 76 Mysterious Cave

If you have been roaming around Fallout 76’s map, specifically the northern part of Bailey Family Cabin, you might have encountered the Mysterious Cave. Living up to what it’s called, when you enter the place, a door and a keypad welcome you. This may intrigue most of you (because we are!).

Of course, fans would love to enter the Mysterious Cave. However, you may need the correct code to type onto the keypad to successfully open the door. So, without any more segue, we’ll walk you through how you can enter the cave!

Mysterious Cave Code

In order to obtain the code for the door, you first have to collect six mysterious map fragments that can be found in different locations on Fallout 76’s map. You have to combine them all on the board that you can see at the Grafton Pawn Shop.

Yup, we got you, players! Just scroll below and we’ll guide you to the six map locations of the mystery fragments. Note that these fragments are envelope-like items. Peek the photo below. Let’s start!

Fallout 76 Mysterious Cave Fragments
Image Courtesy of Fallout Wiki
  • First stop, Haven Church. You can go straight to the hallway counter and take the fragment.
  • Second, Morgantown High School. You can head to the second floor, next to a broken terminal. It’s quite dark so look at the desk to see the item.
  • Third, Mothman Museum. You can easily spot the mysterious fragment on the front desk.
  • Fourth, Red Rocket Mega Stop. You may see the envelope on a counter, it is in a station to the southeast.
  • Fifth, The General’s Steakhouse. You can go directly to the bar which is south-facing.
  • Sixth and the last, Uncanny Caverns. Go straight to the welcome building counter and you can see the fragment there.

After collecting all the needed fragments for the Mysterious Cave code, you can head straight to the Grafton Pawn Shop, and the apartment above the shop. Remember the board? Place the acquired fragments on the board then turn on the UV light.

Fallout 76 Mysterious Cave Pawn Shop
Image Courtesy of Fallout Wiki

Are you following? If so, the Mysterious Cave code is revealed on the board and now you can head back to the door with the keypad. Congratulations, player! Stick with us until the end as we’ll inform you briefly about what to expect in Fallout 76’s Mysterious Cave.

What To Expect in Fallout 76’s Mysterious Cave

This may contain spoilers if you haven’t opened the door yet, by the way!

Fallout 76 Vault 79
Image Courtesy of Fallout Wiki

Moreover, when you enter Fallout 76’s Mysterious Cave, your eyes land on an elevator that leads to Vault 79. Unfortunately, players have no means to enter Vault 79 prior to the Wastelanders update. But maybe for the following news, we’ll be making a guide for you to enter Vault 79!

Additionally, you can play Fallout 76 now on PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. You may want to try roaming around Fallout 76’s map too and explore new locations!

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Have you made your way to the Mysterious Cave? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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