Far Cry 6 has just been released, and players are exploring all there is to do in the game. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the cockfighting minigame. Yes, that is right, Far Cry 6 has a cockfighting minigame!

In order to be able to play this minigame, players will first have to collect all the roosters, which will give them the Recrooster achievement. This suggests that roosters will appear over the course of the game, and players will have to collect them. It is yet to be seen if there is any difference in the stats, attack, and defense options of the many different roosters in the game.

When players compete in the minigame, they do not just send their champion to fight, they actually take control of their rooster and get into the battle themselves. Players will be able to use a long-range and a short-range attack in addition to a jump attack. For defense, players will be able to dodge in four directions. A Gallo Super attack option will be available when the Rage meter is filled by missing attacks and taking damage. The following are the controls for PC and consoles:


  • Close-Range Attack – K
  • Long-Range Attack – L
  • Jump Attack – J
  • Dodge – Space + WSDA
  • Gallo Super- Left Control button.


  • Close-Range Attack – Square/X
  • Long-Range Attack – X/A
  • Jump Attack – Triangle/Y
  • Dodge – Circle + Left stick/B + Left Stick
  • Gallo Super – L1 + R1/LT + RT

  • In order to take part in a cockfight, players will first have to visit the Montero Farm Guerilla camp in Costa del Mar which has a cockfighting arena. There they will have to interact with Ivan Minoso, who will be found near the arena itself.
  • On interacting with the NPC, players will enter the solo fight quest screen, where they can choose the difficulty levels which are Civilian, Guerilla, and Revolutionary. The higher levels will be unlocked after players get past the Civilian level, and will require higher bets as well.
  • Players will need at least one rooster to participate. Roosters can be found in a wooden box near Ivan. Once the rooster has been collected, players can initiate the quest and begin the minigame.
  • Players will also be able to select among the roosters in their collection. On winning a fight, players will receive Yaran Pesos, and cockfighting can be a quick and easy way to earn quick money.

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