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The FC 6 Seeds of Love task requires you to locate Lorenzo’s children in order to deliver letters apologizing for being a bad father for the elderly Lothario. The only issue is that the only information you have for each of the now-adult children is a snapshot of a location. It turns the game into a treasure hunt in the hopes of stumbling into one of the FC 6 locations by coincidence.

Lorenzo’s Children

Image Courtesy of PowerPyx

Alfaro farm

  • On a hill west of Verde Lake and north of the Verde River, the first photo location can be found. The red building on the mountain’s slope should be simple to identify if you’re flying over.
  • Speak with the woman who will inform you that her husband is deceased and that you can locate him in the cemetery.
  • When you approach the graveyard, walk upward until you encounter the ‘ghost’ and hand them the letter.

Santo Domingo

  • Even if you can’t see the orange and blue building, simply listen for the shouting from the sign with the guitar.
  • The individual you’re looking for is on the top floor of the house, locked up.
  • To open the door, climb the building across the street and fire the padlock out the window.

Oceguera Farm

  • On the mountainside directly east of the Basilica De La Virgin, there are a few straw-thatched buildings.
  • Land there, investigate, and Dani should mention that the workshop needs to be checked.
  • There’s a flower there you can interact with if you go there- Far Cry 5 fans might recognize the plant used to make the hallucinogenic Bliss drug. To get to your destination, sniff the flower and follow the hallucinations.

Perdomo Farm

  • The sign in the photo is near the road, beside a red building with thatched roofs. You’ll find a key hidden beneath a hat in one of the thatched structures when you arrive.
  • To speak with the man inside, use the key to unlock the locked red door right behind the seated woman.


  • On the waterfront, you’ll find this artist’s white cottage surrounded by paintings.
  • You’ll have to clear out all of the soldiers trying to get in since someone else’s wife was painted. Once they’re gone, speak to the man inside to complete this task.

Flores Farm

  • When you find the statue beside a river, turn away from the water and look for a dog in a red building.
  • Pet the dog before following it across the river to two individuals.

Corazon Ally, Concepcion

  • Dani will comment on the graffiti when you first locate the painting in the picture. You’ll have to follow the trail of images across the city to find the person you’re looking for.
  • Although the map shows exactly where we discovered the target, there are painting setups around most of the graffiti sites, implying that it may be a random spawn.
  • Simply search for someone who is vigorously painting with a spray can on the walls.

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