We’ll be defeating Ramuh using Yuffie in Chadley’s VR missions with the help of this guide. Ramuh is a hard challenge who can be dreadful the first time you face him, but once you understand what to expect from him, you’ll be ready to take him out with ease.


  • Early in the game, you’ll encounter Chadley and obtain access to his VR quests against Ramuh, and you’ll be alone. While defeating Ramuh in this manner is technically possible, it will not feel so. Instead, at the very least, wait until Sonon has joined your group.
  • You could also hang tight until you’ve progressed far enough in the main game’s narrative and given your squad a few new items to equip. In this fight, every little bit counts, and having a favorable Materia could be the difference between winning and losing.

  • This will go without saying, but having good items will help you survive, particularly if your MP is running low. Hi-Potions aren’t very useful at the starting level, so Mega Potions can be used instead. If you or Sonon get sick, make sure you have plenty of Phoenix Downs on hand.
  • Keep in mind, once per battle, Sonon will give his life to resurrect Yuffie. This is a neat layer of protection, but you’ll need a Phoenix Down to help Sonon get back up.
  • Are you aware that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission has free DLC summons? Yes, you are correct! Feel free to download and equip these summons before going into battle, as they can drastically improve the effectiveness of your assaults and skills, not to mention the amount of damage they can deal.

Ramuh Battle

  • You should not fight Ramuh half-heartedly because he is hostile and has assaults that will fill the entire domain.
  • You’ll be able to sidestep out of the way for several of his close-ranged strikes, and you’ll only need to guard against his long-range offensives.

  • If you’re undecided what to anticipate, guard to be safe, and then you’ll be able to figure out which strikes to resist.
  • Yuffie has a strong Windstorm ability that deals an adequate amount of damage while also applying Pressure to your opponent, making it an excellent ability to use frequently. Also, when Sonon has AP, don’t forget to use his abilities.
  • If you apply sufficient Pressure to Ramuh, he will subsequently stagger, allowing you to do massive damage – but getting there won’t be easy. You’ll eventually succeed if you follow these suggestions and keep trying!

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