Final Fantasy 7 – Remake has very recently been released. There are many things for players to explore and discover. The remake version of the game has been expanded. One of the more interesting parts of the game is the challenges and quests. While some of the challenges remain the same, they have been expanded to include new things.

Early on in the game, players will come across The Stagger Effect Part 1 quest. Chadley, a Shinra employee will present Cloud with a number of battle intel reports that need to be completed. The Stagger Effect Part 1 is one among these reports.

The Challenge

  • Step 1 of the challenge is to speak with Chadley. However, players will need to have reached the Wall Market in the main story to unlock this mission.
  • Players will need to stagger an enemy. Fat Chocobo is a good target for this task. Fat Chocobo’s stagger gauge will get depleted slowly. This helps Cloud, whose ATB gauge will refill multiple times during a single stagger.
  • When an enemy is staggered, Cloud’s Punisher Mode ability should be activated. In addition, players will need to use their standard attacks to refill the ATB gauge.
  • When the ATB gauge is full, players will advance in the mission. Any spell, item or, the ability can be used, drawing from the ATB gauge.
  • Players will need to continue with refilling Cloud’s ATB gauge and using attacks.

As mentioned above, Fat Chocobo will Remake be a good choice when taking part in this challenge. Players can advance in the mission multiple times with just a single stagger. Each time Cloud’s ATB gauge refills, it will be before Fat Chocobo’s stagger gauge is depleted.

If players use other enemies, they will need to make sure that the enemy is staggered all throughout the fight. This will help players to finish The Stagger Effect Part 1 quickly.

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