FFXIV: Top 14 Daily and Weekly Farming Activities

FFXIV Top 14 Daily and Weekly Farming Activities

Feeling overwhelmed by all the daily and weekly activities in FFXIV? Don’t worry, this guide will help you prioritize the most beneficial ones for your progress and farming needs.

1. Custom Deliveries

Trade crafted or gathered collectibles for White and Purple Scrips, used for valuable materials. Aim for clients offering bonuses for specific items.

2. Doman Enclave

Turn in items in the donation basket for Gil. Demi-materials often offer good value and profit.

3. Duty Roulettes

Great source of experience and Tomestones. Don’t miss Frontline Roulette, offering quick levels and PVP progress.

4. Fashion Report

Earn 60,000 MGP every week with just a few minutes of effort.

5. Hunt Weeklies

The weekly hunt offers good Allied Seals, which can be traded for teleportation tickets, saving you tons of Gil.

6. Island Sanctuary

Seafarer’s Cowries can be used to buy crafter and gatherer materials. While currently not highly valuable, they might skyrocket in price during new gear patches.

7. Leve Allowances

Use weekly allowances for the level 88 culinarian Leaf Quest, “The Mountain Steeps.” Craft or buy HQ Cups of Sa to turn in for easy Gil (tedious!).

8. Mass Masked Carnivale

This Blue Mage activity earns Allied Seals, Gil, and Poetics quickly. Use Seals for teleportation tickets for even more Gil savings.

9. Ocean Fishing

Not strictly daily, but offers great rewards like White Gatherer Scrips and valuable bait. Level your Fisher and sell excess bait on the market board.

10. Retainer Optimization

Utilize retainers effectively! Send them on job-specific ventures for valuable materials, or choose Quick Explorations for a chance at expensive Venture Coffers.

11. Supply Missions

Turn in crafted items for massive experience points, especially HQ items with bonus stars. Once maxed, focus on other activities.

12. Squadron Missions

Level your squadron and send them on weekly priority missions for rewards like the Gold Saucer VIP Card for bonus MGP.

13. Treasure Maps

Gatherers can find Timeworn Maps, leading to valuable treasure. Aim for the 8-player maps for maximum profit.

14. Wondrous Tails

Khloe in Elshire gives you a weekly journal to fill with activities. Fill it out for valuable rewards, including tradable mounts that sell for millions.

Remember, this is just a starting point. Customize your routine based on your preferences and goals. Have fun exploring the world of Final Fantasy 14!

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