Hydaelyn is a central character in the universe of Final Fantasy XXIV. She is the one who created the location of the game. This boss has several unique attacks. She is a unique foe because players can only bring their NPC Trusts with them only when battling her. Players will have to plan their battle with her to best her.


  • Hydaelyn will first use Heroes Radiance. The entire arena will be affected. Players will have to hold on and heal themselves.
  • Next, Hydaelyn will use Dawn Mantle. This attack happens in three ways which are randomly selected: Dancer, White Mage, and Paladin. When the Dancer symbol appears, Hydaelyn’s attack will impact everything except her targeting circle. With the White Mage, only the area near Hydaelyn will be attacked. When the Paladin appears, the attack will be in a cross-shaped formation.
  • Hydaelyn will next use Mousa’s Scorn. Both tanks will have to be stacked together to split the damage. However, players can manage with a single tank using mitigation abilities.
  • Hydaelyn will use the Heores’ Sundering attack periodically. It is a cone attack that will target the main tank. The main tanker will need to draw her away or keep her facing away from others to mitigate damage.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube


When Hydaelyn reaches 80% health, Phase Two will begin.

  • Hydaelyn will use Summon Crystals, calling on six Crystals of Light. Players must defeat the six crystals. Simultaneously, Hydelyn will use three attacks randomly.
  • The first attack is Hydaelyn’s Ray. This will impact the entire room. Players can avoid damage by staying near the edges of the room.
  • The second is Crystalline Blizzard III. This attack will impact each party member. Players are advised not to stack with anyone else.
  • The last attack is Crystalline Stone III. This will impact a random party member. All members will have to stack to survive.
  • Phase Two will end when the six Crystals of Light are destroyed. Hydaelyn will use the Exodus attack to end this Phase. This is again an area-wide attack and cannot be avoided. Tanks must use raid-wide mitigation skills. The healer must use AoE heals to survive.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube


  • This Phase begins with Parhelic Circle. This attack will spawn green lines on the floor. Tiny orbs will arise from the end of the lines. They will expand outward and deal heavy damage. Plyers will need to find spaces to avoid these orbs.
  • Parhelion will be the next attack. This will include three chakra discs shooting out in three directions. They will stop at the edge of the arena and then shoot across it a second time.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube


This is the final phase of the battle. It will begin when Hydelyn is at 50% HP. Radiant Halo will be the first attack. It is once again an area-wide attack that is unavoidable.

  • Following this, she will use three attacks alternatively: Dawn Mantle, Lightwave, and Echoes. Dawn Mantle and Crystalline Blizzard III will be combined in this attack. Players will need to dodge Dawn Mantle first before avoiding Blizzard Attack.
  • Lightwave will be four moving AoEs moving across the arena. This can be avoided by taking shelter at the corner of the arena that is not affected by the attack. Echoes is an Akh Morn-style attack. Plyers will need to stack until the attack is finished.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube

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