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The retirement of classic tomestones like Allegory and Revelations is one of the major changes coming with Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion. Additionally, tomestones are a type of in-game cash that may be used to purchase endgame gear.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, the most recent expansion, was released in early access on December 3rd. Also, those who preordered the game were greeted by huge queues with mission NPCs buried behind clumps of player characters as they all eagerly hurried to explore the new content, board the ship to Sharlayan, and continue their journey.

Tomestones of Aphorism

  • There are two types of new tomestones that came with Endwalker. The uncapped version of the Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism allows players to get Endwalker gear as well as high-end crafting resources.
  • The Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy is the second variety, which has a cap of 450 each weekly reset. They’ll be added about a month after the game’s release, at the same time as the first tier of Savage raids in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker.

A player must first complete the Endwalker Main Scenario Quests and be level 90 in order to begin earning tomestones of Aphorism. From then on, obtaining tomestones is as easy as performing daily duty roulettes like dungeons and raids.

Expert Dungeons
80 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeons 120 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
Leveling Dungeons
100 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
60 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
Main Scenario
100 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
Alliance Raids
120 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
Normal Raids
60 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
Mentor Roulette
30 aphorism tomestones from Allagan
50 aphorism tomestones from Allagan

While daily roulette tomestones can only be obtained once per day, players can perform level 90 dungeons and raids indefinitely for a limitless supply. When it comes to earning tomestones of Aphorism, the only thing to be concerned about is not over the 2,000 cash restriction.

  • Lastly, the gear sellers who swap a player’s tomestones for Endwalker are located in the city of Radz-at-Han. This specifically serves a similar purpose to Eulmore in Shadowbringers.
  • At the moment, the optimal gear for tomestones of Aphorism is in fact the item level 570, which will allow players to more comfortably engage in higher levels of endgame content in Final Fantasy 14.

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