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The third expansion for Final Fantasy 14 is now available. There’s more story content, two new jobs, and even new locales to visit with the Endwalker expansion. A new dungeon, the Tower of Zot, is also accessible for players to explore.

Thankfully, this dungeon is relatively linear, as are all dungeons in Final Fantasy 14. As a result, gamers won’t require many directions. They may, however, require assistance in dealing with the Tower of Zot’s three bosses.

There are three boss battles; players must defeat all three Magus Sisters to finish the Tower of Zot, a creepy-looking but beautiful dungeon for Final Fantasy 14.  When players first encounter these three ladies, they may find them challenging.

On the continent of Thavnair, west of the new city of Radz-at-Hand is the Tower of Zot. To get it, players simply need to complete the main story mission In The Dark of the Tower.

NOTE: Players should concentrate on one sister at a time, reserving their Limit Breaks for the final battle.

Screengrab Courtesy of KonsoliFIN via Youtube

First Sister Minduruva

The first boss encounter will be found in this new dungeon for the award-winning Final Fantasy 14 Online. Minduruva is the name of this sister, and she specializes in overlapping AOE assaults.

Players must be prepared for several of these attacks, and they should keep an eye on her cast bar to determine which spell she’ll use next. Minduruva will transmute spells away from herself, giving the spell a new point of origin that can shift the arena’s safe zones.

Manusya Bio 3 Anyone standing on it will be harmed by a large green-colored AOE.
Manusya Fire 3 Except for a small circle around the AOE’s origin, a fire spell covers the whole arena.
Manusya Blizzard 3 Avoid the light blue triangles that appear on the ground because they generate cone-shaped slivers of ice that will harm anyone standing on them.
Manusya Bio 1 a spell that destroys tanks

Keep a lookout for Treasure Coffers along the way after leaving the boss area. Players will need the stuff to help fortify their characters for the grind to the new Endwalker level cap, therefore there are multiple chests ready to be looted.

Second Sister Sanduruva

Sanduruva is the second sister in this new Endwalker issued content. Her fight is far more difficult than the previous; she has a number of attacks that can catch the unprepared player off guard.

AOE is her line, so keep an eye out for it. This affects each member of the party in turn. There’s also an inescapable Stop spell that stuns and makes a character incur damage. Prepare the healers for this attack. Another Tank-Buster spell is Isitva Siddhi.

  • Sanduruva has a different attack that changes as the battle proceeds. It will look like a circle of electric orbs in a circle with one orb spot empty the first time she performs it.
  • To avoid AOE damage, players must stand precisely next to the wall where the missing orb would be. The orbs will materialize as more Sanduruvas in a circle every time after the first cast.
  • Stand near the Sanduruva who isn’t moving, has a new symbol next to her name, and is pointing her weapon towards the ground. As the remainder of the Sanduruvas change into orbs and splash damage throughout the rest of the area, stand behind this model against the wall to avoid the AOE damage.

Third Sister Cindiruva

Players should keep a watchful eye on the ground to avoid AOE damage and the sisters’ magical attacks. Cindiruva’s first stage is all about her, and she casts an inevitable AOE on the entire party, regardless of which Final Fantasy 14 class the players choose.

The second part of the battle will begin shortly after the first, and Cindiruva will summon her other two sisters into the fray. The three sisters will stand in a triangle shape, casting overlapping AOEs. Cindiruva will then cast Manusya Reflect, followed by one cast of Delta Attack, one cast of Manusya Faith, and finally a call out.

Glacial ice, entomb our foe! This callout will cause a proximity explosion, which players must avoid while also avoiding the Manusya Blizzard 3 cones. Then, to dodge the second, opposite proximity explosion, players should rush to the opposite side of the arena.
Thunderous tempest, smite our foe! While stacking on top of their marked teammate, players must avoid all AOE markings on the floor.
Insatiable flame, consume our foe! Except for a tiny circle surrounding the caster, this summons an AOE that covers the whole floor. Everyone should enter the safe space in the shape of a donut. As soon as the AOE goes off, players must split apart as rapidly as possible to avoid being hit by aura explosions.

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