Endwalker’s ultimate showdown is against Zenos. You now get the opportunity to deal with an enemy who has been after you since Stormblood!

Spark of Hope

  • A buff called Spark of Hope is bestowed upon you. This buff effectively gives you 6 extra lives, which is especially useful for Jobs that don’t have reliable self-healing.
  • In addition, many of Zenos’ attacks aren’t telegraphed in the traditional sense, instead of relying on audio cues. Here are Zenos’ attacks, as well as how to recognize and counter them:

Let the showdown begin!

  • Zenos will start the fight with Tidal Wave, a water flow that erupts outside the battlefield. You have to be as near to this stream of water as possible to prevent being hit by the other component of the assault.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube
  • You’ll observe four pools of water in the arena after Tidal Wave has resolved. Zenos will begin casting Judgement Bolt, a lightning assault that you will be unable to stop.
  • You will receive more damage if you stand in the pools of water leftover from the Tidal Wave. He’ll then assault you with Hellfire, a fire attack that you can’t evade. To lessen the damage, you should stand in the water pool during this strike.
  • He’ll finish up the intro phase with Akh Morn, which will do what it always does: numerous AoE strikes centered on you, which you can’t evade. To survive this attack, you’ll need any mitigation or self-healing abilities you have, but if you don’t have any, you can try potions.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube

Mine for the taking!

  • After that, Zenos will perform Come Hither, a three-wave attack. After the initial hit, go to the safe locations and don’t stand too close to him. Zenos can still auto-attack you during all of this, so if you’re in critical health, you’ll have to find a way to recover or risk losing one of your Sparks of Hope.
  • It’s critical to keep an eye on the next few attacks. The first is Wyrm’s Tongue, which is a non-visually telegraphed strike. “Mine for the taking!” Zenos will shout. ” and attack in a cone quickly. When you hear this voice line or see the speech bubble appear, simply sidestep or run through him.
  • The next attack is Veil Asunder, which is not clearly telegraphed. “A reflex test!” Zenos will exclaim. ” and divebomb you quickly. When you hear this voice line or see the speech bubble appear, simply sidestep or run through him.

Veil Asunder and Wyrm’s Tongue

  • Throughout the rest of the fight, Zenos will employ both Veil Asunder and Wyrm’s Tongue on a regular basis, so anticipating and responding to those attacks is crucial.
  • Zenos’ shade will then cast Reaper Circles on him. This attack creates a pattern of circles around the arena. To avoid damage, go to the last AoE indicator and wait for the first to vanish before moving to where it was.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube

Other Abilities To Watch Out For

  • Exaflare, which creates AoE indications on both sides of the arena as well as a circular AoE, will be Zenos’ next move. Position yourself such that you are not hit, and then relocate once one of the traveling AoEs has passed you. Keep an eye out for Zenos’ auto attacks and try to recover HP as much as possible.
  • Zenos will perform Diamond Dust near the end of his first life bar, which is an arena-wide AoE that cannot be dodged. This strike freezes the ground and is followed by Star Beyond Stars, which are line attacks that can be evaded. Keep an eye out for the Reaper shade and don’t look at it to avoid being Petrified; however, move to avoid the line assaults.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube

The Resurrection

  • After lowering Zenos’ health to zero, he will resurrect and enter a second phase, robbing you of one of your Sparks of Hope. He starts this new phase with Aetherial Ray, an unavoidable high-damage strike. To avoid losing another Spark of Hope, you’ll need to employ self-healing, potions, or some other mitigating ability.
  • Zenos will utilize Wyrm’s Tongue and Veil Asunder on a regular basis over the whole second stage, so pay attention to those subtle cues and evade accordingly. Zenos will also unleash Candlewick, a deadly two-hit chain strike. Stay beyond the first attack’s perimeter before moving in to evade the following attack.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube
  • Unmoving Dvenadkatika is the final new strike in Zenos’ arsenal. This is a circular AoE attack that can be dodged. Wait until the first few pieces have vanished before moving to avoid being attacked. Zenos will rotate through all of the above attacks, including Aetherial Ray, from here on out, so conserve your mitigation and self-healing cooldowns for that time if at all feasible.
Screengrab Courtesy of Lamia Kitsune via YouTube

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