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You and your comrades will need to travel the depths of these mines to bring the night back to Amh Araeng after learning of the existence of a Lightwarden in the abandoned remains of Malikah’s Well.

As you get closer to the finish of the Shadowbringers patch 5.0 dungeons, the dungeon’s denizens should become more difficult. When compared to the dungeons directly before and after it, though, Malikah’s well is very straightforward.

Malikah’s Well

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Main Scenario Quest grants access to Malikah’s Well.

  • Accept the ‘A Fresh Start’ Main Scenario Quest.
  • Ryne – Amh Araeng NPC Location (X:15.8, Y:29.1)

Trusts are significantly more knowledgeable with the dungeon’s mechanics than most Mentors. On your first time through the dungeon, we recommend employing Trust allies to assist you to understand the mechanics.

You’ll run upon Forgiven Indecency monsters later in the dungeon. These foes will appear in a broken-down state at first, but will gradually activate. Concentrate on destroying one of these opponents at a time before they activate.

Greater Armadillo

These attacks will be repeated until the Greater Armadillo is defeated. You’ll be able to make it through Malikah’s Well’s initial boss encounter if you watch out for the falling rock AoEs that occur after each hit.

Falling Rocks The Greater Armadillo will drop two sets of four circle AoEs, causing damage to everyone in the area. Except for Pack Armadillos, this attack will occur after every other attack. As you dodge the next assaults, keep an eye out for falling rock AoEs.
Stone Flail The Tank takes a lot of damage. As needed, use defensive cooldowns.
Head Toss
A stack marker is used to target a random player. To spread out the damage of this strike, group up on the affected player. After this attack, the boss will also drop its tail rock, causing it to utilize Right Round right away.
Right Round
Deals damage and knocks players back in a point-blank AoE around the boss. This attack has no warning, yet it will happen right after Head Toss. To dodge Right Round, go away from the boss after stacking for Head Toss.
Flail Smash
A proximity AoE will appear in the arena’s center, followed by a massive ring AoE that will wrap around the arena’s perimeter. Near lessen damage from the proximity AoE, move to the arena’s perimeter, then swiftly rush to the center to avoid the ring AoE.
Pack Armadillos
Two Pack Armadillos will be summoned by the Greater Armadillo. These opponents should be grouped together by the Tank, and the rest of the party should concentrate on defeating them first.

Amphibious Talos

These attacks will be repeated until the Amphibious Talos are defeated. The wellbore is the major mechanic to be aware of; remember to position yourself correctly throughout this attack. You’re in trouble when a sentient rock puts barrels on its hands and head.

Efface The Tank takes a lot of damage.
Wellbore The Amphibious Talos will move to the arena’s center and launch a massive AoE assault. To escape being hit, move to the arena’s outskirts. Four lesser AoEs will appear around the arena immediately after the Wellbore AoE resolves, creating enormous waterfalls. For the boss’s next two assaults, these will remain in the arena.
High Pressure
All players are knocked back from the boss. To avoid being knocked into the waterfalls, you must position yourself between two of them.
Swift Spill
This strike will be charged by the Amphibious Talos, who will move to the center of the arena. At certain intervals, the boss will spin to the left or right, dealing damage and knocking players back. To evade each strike and avoid running into the waterfalls, you must go around in a circle with the boss.


Storge will continue to attack in this manner until it is defeated. Multiple AoEs will spawn at the same time when Storge uses Censure with Breaking Wheel. Make sure you move into the correct safe location in the order they arrive.

Intestinal Crank All members of the party take damage. To recover from this attack, use AoE shields and healing.
Heretic’s Fork Storge will encircle itself in a square-shaped manner. This pattern will release a cross-shaped AoE from the monster after a short delay, delivering damage to the boss’s cardinal directions. To dodge this attack, stand towards the square’s corners.
Breaking Wheel
An area-of-effect attack that covers the entire arena but leaves a safe zone just beneath the boss. To evade this strike, move within Storge’s hitbox.
Crystal Nail
Storge will send four feathers flying around the arena, dealing damage in an AoE as they land. Following that, the boss will use Heretic’s Fork or Breaking Wheel.
Depending on which attack the boss used last, the four feathers from Crystal Nail will employ Heretic’s Fork or Breaking Wheel. These attacks will happen in a logical order throughout the arena, allowing you enough time to flee and evade each one as it happens. Finally, either of these assaults will be repeated by the boss.

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