Despite an array of new features and improved gameplay, EA Sports FIFA 23 has been subject to criticism by many, especially PC users. The iconic Electronic Arts football game was launched in September, its usual release month. The major drawback of FIFA 23 is the Secure Boot error, reported by many of its players’ thanks to anti-cheat software. Read to find out how to fix the Secure Boot error in FIFA 23.

Secure Boot error

The Secure Boot not being enabled is just one of many performance issues and bugs in FIFA 23. While it’s normal for the game’s errors to be fixed gradually in the initial stages, the Secure Boot problem has been quite persistent.

Secure Boot not enabled
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FIFA 23 introduced a new anti-cheat software as part of the game, which is the root cause behind the Secure Boot problem. Although there are potential solutions available in online communities, EA is yet to announce a definite fix.

Run as administrator

It’s common knowledge that FIFA 23 can be launched from either Steam or Origin on PC. Running these applications as the administrator is a possible fix for the “Secure Boot is not enabled” error on FIFA 23. 

  • Right-click the app, open Properties and go to the Compatibility tab. Here, check the box next to “Run this program as an Administrator.”
FIFA 23 fix
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  • This is because administrative privileges are required to install new software and FIFA 23’s anti-cheat software is separate from the game.

Uninstall and reinstall

This solution goes two ways. One is to drastically uninstall the entire game and try reinstalling it. This action fixes corrupt game files and then enables Secure Boot.

The other way is to specifically uninstall and reinstall FIFA 23’s anti-cheat software. This can be done by accessing the EAAntiCheat.Installer 23 installers in the EA folder in Program Files.

Background applications

Some applications running in the background of your PC might have a negative impact on the game. Quitting all running background applications and tabs might fix FIFA 23’s Secure Boot error.

Other fixes to enable Secure Boot

  • The Secure Boot error can be fixed by repairing game files that are possibly corrupted, especially the ones related to the anti-cheat software.
  • Allowing the game or the launcher to run through the firewall is another fix that allows the Secure Boot to be completed for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 is the 30th edition of the EA Sports game and notably the final installment under the FIFA license. Despite exciting new features such as HyperMotion2, Crossplay, and Technical Dribbling, FIFA 23’s practical cons like the Secure Boot error have affected the game’s overall reception.

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