Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities | Ranked

Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities | Ranked

The long-awaited release of Final Fantasy 16 has sparked a wave of excitement among gamers diving into its immersive world. As players encounter powerful adversaries in their quest, having upgraded abilities becomes essential for progression. This article will explore the best Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16, helping you make informed choices to conquer your enemies effortlessly.

In Final Fantasy 16, Eikon abilities are tied to mythical entities:

  • Phoenix
  • Garuda
  • Ifrit
  • Ramuh
  • Titan
  • Bahamut
  • Shiva
  • Odin

Each Eikon ability encompasses a unique set of skills that players can unlock. Among the many options available, it is crucial to understand which abilities are worth investing in for a seamless gaming experience and victorious battles.

Final Fantasy 16: Mastering Eikon Abilities 

From Phoenix’s fiery resurrection and Garuda’s swift winds to Ramuh’s thunderous wrath, Titan’s unyielding strength, Bahamut’s draconic fury, and much more, we will delve into the strengths and playstyles associated with each ability. Mastering these Eikon abilities will undoubtedly enhance your combat prowess and contribute to an unforgettable gaming journey in Final Fantasy 16.


Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities | Ranked
Image courtesy of Square Enix

Phoenix Shift (Core Ability)

Description:  Phoenix Shift enables Clive to move fast toward an enemy. After using it, he can quickly attack them with a special sword strike or a magical spell.

  • Incredible speed for swiftly closing in on enemies.
  • Follow-up attacks with sword slash or magic for decent damage.
  • Ideal for targeting flying foes and maneuvering on busy battlefields.

Rising Flames

Description: Rising Flames brings forth a fiery Phoenix wing to cause harm, and it can lift smaller enemies off the ground.

  • Quick activation and deals good damage.
  • Launches smaller foes into the air.
  • Short cooldown, making it viable against bosses.

Flames of Rebirth (Super Ability)

Description:  Flames of Rebirth calls forth a powerful storm of fire magic that hurts all enemies in a large area. Additionally, it also restores Clive’s health points (HP).

  • Wide range, hitting enemies across the battlefield.
  • Temporarily stops time during activation.
  • Inflicts solid damage and stagger effects.
  • Increases combo multiplier on staggered enemies.


Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities | Ranked
Image courtesy of Square Enix

Deadly Embrace (Core Ability)

Description: Deadly Embrace is a versatile technique for Clive. It pulls smaller enemies towards him, even in mid-air. Against larger foes, it spins Clive in the air. It can also drag down bigger opponents and bosses during partial stagger, rendering them helpless for longer.

  • Control the battlefield against regular enemies.
  • Extend combos indefinitely against smaller foes.
  • Serve as an evasive tool against larger opponents, propelling Clive into the air.
  • Pluck small, flying enemies out of the air effectively.


Description:  Gouge calls upon two Garuda claws that unleash multiple slashes. It can be used while airborne, and by continuously pressing the assigned button, more slashes can be executed.

  • Inflict high stagger damage.
  • Lock smaller foes in place and hit multiple enemies with proper positioning.
  • Increase stagger damage multiplier.

Aerial Blast (Super Ability)

Description: Aerial Blast enables Clive to summon a massive tornado that tracks opponents steadily and sweeps smaller enemies off the ground.

  • Inflict the greatest stagger damage in the game.
  • The tornado remains on the battlefield for a significant duration, continually dealing damage.
  • The tornado’s size hinders larger enemies from escaping.
  • Activating the ability pauses time briefly.


Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities | Ranked
Image courtesy of Square Enix


Description: Will-o’-the-Wykes summons a temporary swarm of fireballs that encircle Clive, dealing damage to any enemies they touch. It also provides a defensive function by negating enemy attacks (up to a certain extent).

  • One of the game’s top defensive abilities.
  • The fireballs surprisingly deal decent damage when near foes.
  • The fireballs persist for a considerable duration.
  • Can potentially save Clive from powerful enemy attacks.


Description: Ignition envelops Clive in flames as he charges across the battlefield, with the ability to control the direction of the charge. It lifts smaller enemies off the ground and culminates in a powerful sword slash.

  • One of the game’s most effective abilities against smaller foes, capable of catching entire groups with the charge.
  • Inflicts substantial damage when all attacks successfully hit.


Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities | Ranked
Image courtesy of Square Enix

Blind Justice (Core Ability)

Description: Blind Justice fires lightning balls at targeted enemies, which stick to them and enhance subsequent attacks. These attacks discharge lightning blasts for additional damage.

  • Great for amplifying overall damage output.
  • Provides crowd control potential by tagging multiple foes with the lightning balls.

Pile Drive

Description: Pile Drive involves slamming Ramuh’s staff into the ground, creating a wide shockwave that deals high damage and staggers.

  • High damage output.
  • Inflicts significant stagger damage.
  • Excellent crowd control ability.
  • Quick activation and easy to use.

Judgement Bolt (Super Ability)

Description: Judgement Bolt summons massive lightning bolts to strike a single target, dealing immense damage and staggering foes.

  • Massive damage output.
  • Impressive stagger potential.
  • Activation pauses time.


Final Fantasy 16: Best Eikon Abilities | Ranked
Image courtesy of Square Enix

Titanic Block (Core Ability)

Description: Titanic Block allows Clive to block incoming attacks using a summoned Titan arm as a shield.

  • Introduces a powerful defensive mechanic to the game.
  • Effective against normal attacks and magic spells.
  • Perfect blocks can nullify even the strongest attacks.
  • Perfect block counterattacks deal decent stagger damage.


Description: Windup summons a large Titan arm that Clive slams into opponents. Timing the release of the attack on the red portion of the timing circle greatly increases damage.

  • Remarkably high damage potential among standard Eikon abilities.
  • Decent stagger potential when timed correctly.
  • One of the most damaging abilities in the game.

Earthen Fury (Super Ability)

Description: Earthen Fury unleashes two summoned Titan arms, ripping apart a portion of the battlefield and blowing away smaller enemies.

  • Inflicts massive damage.
  • Decent stagger potential.
  • Activation pauses time.
  • Provides long-range coverage.


Image courtesy of Square Enix

Wings of Light (Core Ability)

Description: Wings of Light allows Clive to glide slowly across the battlefield while building up Megaflare. Dodging attacks and remaining in flight increases Megaflare’s level, which can be unleashed for sustained damage.

  • Immensely powerful when charged to level 4.
  • Effective dodging capability while in flight.
  • Megaflare deals sustained damage across the battlefield.


Description: Impulse launches projectiles that circle enemies, dealing damage over time.

  • Inflicts continuous damage over time.
  • Great stagger potential over time.
  • Effective for combo-building.

Gigaflare (Super Ability)

Description: Gigaflare unleashes a massive beam of light magic that can be controlled.

  • One of the most damaging attacks in the game.
  • Locks smaller enemies in place.
  • Activation pauses time and increases the damage multiplier on staggered enemies.


Image courtesy of Square Enix

Cold Snap (Core Ability)

Description: Cold Snap enables Clive to perform ice-based dashes across the battlefield. Dodging at the last moment freezes nearby foes temporarily, and a well-timed dodge triggers Permafrost, freezing all nearby opponents, even bosses, for several seconds.

  • Permafrost is incredibly powerful, freezing enemies for a significant duration.
  • Frozen foes take additional damage.
  • Generous dodge timing allows Clive to evade attacks effectively.

Ice Age

Description: Ice Age summons a line of ice that smashes smaller enemies away. Holding and releasing the assigned button at the right moment increases its damage.

  • Long-range attack.
  • Short cooldown.
  • Provides crowd control by knocking back smaller enemies.

Diamond Dust (Super Ability)

Description: Diamond Dust unleashes two massive blankets of ice that impale enemies from the ground up.

  • Inflicts massive stagger damage.
  • Activation freezes time momentarily.
  • Covers a large area on the battlefield.


Image courtesy of Square Enix

Arm of Darkness (Core Ability)

Description: Arm of Darkness replaces Clive’s sword with Odin’s blade. Clive’s basic combo changes and attacks with Odin’s blade fill up the Zantetsuken bar. Holding down the attack button unleashes Zantetsuken, which deals more damage at higher levels. Precision dodge counters also change when Arm of Darkness is active.

  • Zantetsuken can be immensely powerful at maximum level.
  • Quick standard combo with Odin’s blade.
  • Zantetsuken has a wide range.


Description: Gungnir summons a dark magic spear that Clive uses to unleash a flurry of attacks, building the Zantetsuken level with each successful hit.

  • Builds the Zantetsuken level quickly.
  • Locks smaller foes in place.

Dancing Steel (Super Ability)

Description: Dancing Steel sees Clive summon a second Odin’s blade before unleashing a rampage of slashes. Every successful hit increases the Zantetsuken level by a large amount.

  • Increases the Zantetsuken level more than any other Odin ability.
  • Covers a very wide range.
  • Stops time upon activation.

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