eSports Betting

One of the big trends in the gambling world right now is esports betting, which has become more popular than ever during 2020. 

Betting on esports might seem to be unusual but one esports betting company, Luckbox, recently said that it had recorded a 54 percent rise in new player registrations. 

The company then revealed that it has found global wagering in the industry had exploded by an amazing 500 percent during this year so far.

EveryMatrix, which is a B2B iGaming supplier, saw a 40 percent rise in esports betting during the month of May 2020, with more and more people choosing to place bets on esports events.

All of this means that finding bonuses at online casinos is becoming more popular too, so what should people who are considering signing up for an esports betting account be looking for?

2020 a banner year for esports betting

It has never been a better time to get into esports betting, with new events, competitions, and tournaments being launched all the time.

For example, back in May, it was announced that there would be a new Asia-Pacific League for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Esports, with 12 teams in competitions for grand prizes.

Bonuses for esports betting work in much the same way as promotions and offers that are usually up for grabs at more standard sports betting sites.

Indeed, a lot of these bookmakers now offer markets on esports along with the various other sports that they have available for people to bet on.

Specialist esports betting sites are also springing up, though, with their welcome bonuses usually along the same lines as those that can be found elsewhere in the industry.

So new players joining an esports betting site for the first time might be able to qualify for some free bets. These can be used however a user wants, though they should take some time to check the small print of the terms and conditions too.

This is due to the fact that there could be downsides such as wagering requirements – meaning bonus money must be bet a number of times before it can be unlocked – or a maximum win.

All in all, though, there is no doubt bonuses for esports betting should be considered positive.

Why should people bet on esports?

Betting on esports has a number of advantages, such as that it makes watching tournaments and competitions more exciting – just like more standard sports.

With so many different esports out there, it is the case that there is something for everyone when it comes to betting on esports. Sports fans might like to bet on Rocket League or FIFA tournaments, while there are also esports events for virtual motorsport and American sports such as basketball.

Perhaps one of the key benefits of betting on esports is that there is no need to follow real-life sports as closely. Many people find it incomprehensible to bet on these sports as there are so many options to pick from, whereas esports betting tends to be a lot more straightforward.

Esports also take place all-year-round, so if your favorite sport is in the off-season then esports betting makes sure there are still lots of things to have a bet on, no matter the time of the year.

Mainstream sports also tend to stay the same, which is not true for esports. The same teams and players tend to dominate regular sports, but new faces are emerging all the time in the growing world of esports. 

As an example, last year’s Fortnite World Cup was won by an American teenager playing under the gamer tag Bugha that few people had heard of. He became a millionaire as a result.

Use bonuses to win money betting on esports

Finding the best bonuses for esports betting can help people to win more money overall.

Esports events are often very unpredictable, which means those who can guess what is going to happen can make a significant amount of money from betting on the outcome.

Betting sites with esports betting markets may have less information and insight into these tournaments, providing more value and opportunities for experts to take advantage.

With a huge amount of choice out there in esports betting these days – and new markets are coming out all the time – people can carefully pick where they want to spend their money.

What is for certain is that esports betting is here to stay – so use bonuses to bet on esports now!