Valheim is a survival game with fishing fundamentals, like many others in the genre. There will be instances in the game when obtaining food is exceptionally hard, so you may have the alternative of using your fish trap to obtain food!

Fish Trap

On the Valheim subreddit, Reddit user Nacon discussed their creative concept, and if you have a pile or two of wood lying around and access to the ocean, you can make one yourself!   Nacon provided a detailed, step-by-step manual to building the design, as well as tips for construction and reasoning of how and why each component operates the way it does!

How it works

  • The general concept behind the trap is that fish are lured into a nozzle and then up the deck by you swimming up behind them and spooking them.
  • They would typically turn around rather than throwing themselves up onto something, but the ramp is so restrictive that they don’t have enough room to do so.
  • Once they’ve climbed high enough, you use the mechanical force of the doors to steer your big catch all the way to the top of the deck, where you can conveniently pick them up by hand.

When you need a lot of fish and don’t have the energy to mess around, this technique is a bit quicker than catching fish with a rod and bait!

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