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The Fire Flushes of Fortune event is finally here on Genshin Impact, on possibly the easiest day of game’s kamera challenge — taking ten photos of brown creatures, which is basically all the common creatures in the game in the geo and non-elemental categories. These include obviously the Hilichurls, the most common of them all, and Mitachurls, Lawachurls, Ruin Guardians, Ruin Hunters, Geo Slimes, Boars, Geovishap and more.

However, there is a catch. You cannot take photos of the Hilichurls which have elemental powers.

Some of the locations where these creatures can be found easily are given below:

Courtesy of SportsKeeda
Courtesy of SportsKeeda
Courtesy of SportsKeeda

Some of the creatures like the boars are pack animals whereas the ruin hunters stay far away from each other making to hard to finish the challenge in one go.

Once the five colours are obtained the players can visit Liyue Harbour and meet Ji Tong to exchange them for a Fortune Trove.


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